1 Month of Netflix…

…and 26 DVDs worth of movies and TV shows watched. Don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that pace, but I definitely got my money’s worth during my first month.

That was done using the 3-at-a-time plan with a small amount of watch instantly (4 DVDs worth of The Office.)

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Can’t Buy Me Love

The movie itself is OK, nothing special, but it was on HD Movie Net the other night and I figured why not watch it. Hadn’t seen it in a while…

Besides being the 41st best teen movie according to Entertainment Weekly and one of the first movies appearances of Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey, it has a very well done “Slow Clap“, so hilariously made fun of in in Not Another Teen Movie. The Slow Clap really is a highlight of 80s movie making that is still in use today.

Added bonus… a young Seth Green. Best part is he’s already got a twisted sense of humor. Already showing signs of the brilliance that is Robot Chicken.

Here’s a montage I found showing a good selection of Slow Claps…

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The Bourne Ultimatum

Wow. That was my initial reaction while watching this movie. It starts off fast and just keeps going. Damon reprises his role in what I think is his best character and Julia Stiles comes along for the ride again.

The director, Paul Greengrass, knows how to make an action/thriller movie. At times, it is almost a little Blair Which like with the shaky camera runs through the street, but overall, this guy should be directing all action/thriller movies.

The movie doesn’t need to rely on any crazy plot twist or other gotcha’s to keep the audience interested, it is just a relatively straight forward plot that is action packed. Not too long, not too short. It just keeps moving along.

If you enjoy a good action movie, check out this movie.

BTW… for those that know me, my popcorn didn’t survive through the pedestrian chase.

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Live Free or Die Hard

Caught this movie just last night… It’s a Die Hard movie and they did a good job. Knee jerk reaction places after the 1st one in terms of quality and before 2 & 3.

Good action sequences that don’t go on too long. Bruce Willis playing John McClane one of his best characters (the others being Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction and James Cole in Twelve Monkey). The Mac Guy (Justin Long) cast as a computer geek was also funny to begin with and he manages to pull it off well.

Like the other Die Hards, it’s all about the money. Timothy Olyphant (from Deadwood) plays the villain and it is almost weird watching him without a cowboy hat and talking in cowboy-speak that they used in Deadwood. He pulls off playing a cold hearted villain very well.

Overall, very entertaining summer blockbuster action/pop-corn flick… Don’t expect a movie masterpiece and you’ll be very entertained.

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The Simpsons Movie

Just a quick review of this movie that I caught on Friday night… I’ll start by saying I’m a Simpson’s fan. The show is not as good as it once was, but I still like to watch it.

The movie was like watching a long episode, which was luckily one of the better episodes. Nothing too special. They even poked fun at this by doing a “To be continued…” in the middle of the movie and then starting right back up with the story.

Some people commented that it was like watching 3 episodes they had written and crammed together and I don’t buy this. If you’ve watched the show at all, it is often difficult to tell where they are going with a story… the beginning of an episode has very little to do with an end on this show. The other comment I’ve heard is the villain should have been Side Show Bob and I think that would have been fun, but what they did worked too.

Overall, good movie, fun to watch, but nothing special. They know what works on TV and just made a bigger version of it for the movie.

Loved the Spider-Pig bit…

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Caught this movie on Monday night… a buddy of mine (Thanks Paul) won tickets to a sneak preview. First off, the movie will end up being one of the best of the summer popcorn flicks of the year. It was made to entertain, not preach, and it does it well.

Going in, I was worried… Micheal Bay, the director, has made some entertaining movies, but he has had some misses as well. First off, I had heard that he had changed Bumblebee, one of the very classic Transformers, from the classic Volkswagon Bug into a Camaro, so I wondered what else he was going to “mess” up. He did end up modernizing many of the Transformers, but didn’t do any lasting damage. He also gave Optimus Prime a mouth and that just didn’t seem quite right either. Wasn’t sold on his flames either. He also needed to be hauling around a trailer.

But back to the movie… Decent story for a popcorn flick, good action sequences, and characters that I cared about. They even made Bumblebee funny, as I always remembered him. The main actors in the movie, the two high school kids, were well done by Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. This actually makes two good movies that Shia has done as he was also in the movie Disturbia which was also a surprise hit to me (looks like I never wrote a review about that one… here goes… it was very entertaining).

Anyway, if you want to see an entertaining action movie, and you had or new someone that played with the old Hasbro toys, you’ll enjoy this one. Check it out.

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