Jar-Jar Binks Theory

I watched Episode III tonight… My theory has been shot down. Oh well, it was fun to guess… and try to explain why this annoying character was ever invented.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed Ep III. More details later…

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1) Total films on video and video:
Guess-ta-mating about 250. Not exactly sure and don’t have the time to count right now. With multiple disc sets, I’m probably near 325. Throw in about 25 more for video tapes.

2) Last film I bought:
A tie between Big Fish and Miracle… They were purchased at the same time. I guess Miracle would be the true last film since I found Big Fish first and the Best Buy guy had to dig in the back for Miracle.

3) Last film I watched:
Mindhunters… See my earlier post for a review.

4) 5 Films that Mean A Lot to Me:
Most of these movies aren’t necessarily the best movies ever, but they all entertaining, and some even can be considered some of the best movies ever, or least best of their genre.
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy – just like these movies. They aren’t the best films ever made, but they are entertaining to watch and I’ve watched them a lot and I consider them a single movie in my heart.
LOTR – once again, another trilogy. Loved the book and the movies didn’t disappoint, despite the changes that were made. Once again it is a single movie in my opinion and one of the best movies ever.
Top Gun – I find myself quoting this movie a lot, even in every day conversations. Watched it countless times in college and still find myself drawn to it when it is on TV. I watched most of it just yesterday. By far the best film in the classic Cruise genre. (Days of Thunder is another Cruise movie that I enjoy as well. Both these movies are vintage Cruise and much better than most of his more recent films.)
Pulp Fiction – Great movie. Great soundtrack. Tarantino at his finest. Not that the other Tarintino films aren’t excellent as well, but this is the movie that really turned me on to him. I then went back to watch Reservoir Dogs which is also a great picture. Kill Bill rocked and both Dogs and Bill also have phenomenal soundtracks.
Swingers – It isn’t often that a movie will define it’s own genre… There are chick flicks (notice the plural) and there is the guy flick (notice it isn’t plural). This is truly the only guy flick in existence, so by default it is the best of it’s genre. Other movies have tried to be guy flicks but don’t even make it into the genre. And if another movie finally does make successfully into the guy flick genre, it will have a very tough time dethroning the reigning guy flick champ.

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My Jar-Jar Binks Theory

I’ve had this theory for several years regarding the annoying character forced upon on in Episode I. With the imminent release of Episode III, my theory will finally be put to the test. And for those of you who don’t know it, here it is.

If you remember from the first episode, Obi Wan just doesn’t seem to have that appreciation for all life forms that he exhibits in the original trilogy. My theory, in a nutshell, is at some point Obi Wan will be getting his ass kicked and will probably be near dead and then the annoying one will save him and, hopefully, die in the process. This will give Obi Wan a better appreciation for all life forms.

Two more days and I find out if I’m right.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars

First 20 episodes rock. Found it interesting that the Jedi that fights under water light saber doesn’t hiss and evaporate the water while Anakin’s hiss as every rain drop falls on it. Just found it interesting… Now on to the last 5 episodes…

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I watched yet another movie last Friday, as typical for this time of year. This week it was Mindhunters. The sad part is I had to check the movie schedule to “remind” myself what I watched because I couldn’t remember off the top of my head. It isn’t that bad of sign though… I watch a lot of movies and can’t always keep track of them.

I heard on the radio earlier that day that this movie had been sitting in the can for two years and was now finally being released and that is never a good sign for a movie. I was still upbeat though. I had seen the previews and the movie looked interesting. Plus, how can a movie with Ice Man (Val Kilmer in Top Gun) and Hard Harry (Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume) and the blond chick from Cold Case (?) really be that bad?

Truth be told, it was an OK movie. It wasn’t that original (place people into a confined space– house, island, prison, etc) and make one of them into a not so nice person who wants to make the movie interesting by killing the others. Everyone who watches movies has seen this plot before, but they did an alright job of doing this plot again. The movie kept you guessing and had enough plot twists to make it entertaining. Unfortunately, it isn’t that memorable of a movie, as I mentioned earlier.

Not much else to say about other than this is a movie that will make worthy rental when it comes out on DVD.

Next on my list… Episode III aka SW:ROTS.

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House of Wax

I didn’t expect much going in. Horror movie, no A-list stars, Paris Hilton… It just can’t be good. And I wasn’t proved wrong. At least I can say it wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen…

The movie starts out painfully slow. This is one of the few times I’ve wished for less story in a movie. And that is a line that you won’t see me write very often.

Spoiler Alert……

The one redeeming quality of this movie is you get to see Paris Hilton killed.

…End of Spoiler

The movie dragged on too long. The editor definitely could have spent some more time editing. They could have chopped 20 minutes off the movie easy. There isn’t much more to say about this movie other than it is pretty bad. Final verdict… When you see it on network TV, find out what time it starts and tune in an hour later. You’ll catch the only decent part of the movie. And that is only if you are VERY big fan of horror movies, or just really dislike Ms. Hilton.

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I watched the movie Crash tonight and it is a different type of movie. Lots of stars, lots of story lines, all subtly interweaved. I’ll start by saying this isn’t a movie for everyone. Not because of any content or anything, but it isn’t a mainstream movie. Having said that though, I really did like this one. For those of you out in the world that like a different movie now and then, this is for you. Final verdict… Definitely worth a ticket to a matinee show.

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First Run of the Year…

I posted a handful of pictures from my April 2nd skiing adventures. Turns out I forgot the skis so I barefooted for the first run of the year. 50 Degree weather, 42 Degree water and 42 MPH are a pretty brisk combination. I wasn’t the only foolish one, my buddy John also took a run. We weren’t even the only people skiing on the lake that day. There was another boat of brave/foolish souls who also had spring fever.

And how cold is 42 degree water? I checked the water temp of my hose a couple days later and it comes out at 53 degrees so I’m guessing that is roughly the temp of most tap water. And just imagine filling you tub with cold water and getting in. And then imagine the water was 10 degrees colder.

And just to clarify… the skis were in the boat, I just forgot to use them. It just seems to be more fun that way.

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Kingdom of Heaven

I watched the movie Kingdom of Heaven last night. It was a movie I had been looking forward to as one of the more interesting movies coming out. I didn’t know much about other than it was about the Crusades, which I personally don’t know a lot about.

I would have a hard time saying it is a great movie, but I did enjoy it. To the best of my knowledge (which is limited) it appeared to be somewhat accurate and I thought did a good portrayal of life in the 1100’s. The characters were pretty well thought out and by the end of the movie I cared about the characters. The action scenes were pretty well done as well.
The annoying teenagers sitting behind who whispered constantly throughout the show commented about one of the battle scenes… “this is the Lord of the Rings”.

One aspect of the movie I particularly liked, although I’m pretty sure it was intended, but done very subtly was the social commentary about the state of the world today, which unfortunately, isn’t that different from today’s world. People of different religions fighting over land and I would ask for what purpose. The land has religious significance to both religions, which I can understand, but is the is the religious significance worth the now countless lives on both sides? This movie does some quiet commentary on this that I wish more people would hear.

Final verdict… Matinee. Good story, good action and characters that I ended up caring about. It was a little long, but thinking back, I don’t know what could be cut or trimmed.

Edit… Upon further reflection. Matinee if you like time period/historic epic movies. Otherwise I would have to downgrade to a new release rental.

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24 Inaccuracy

Just watching 24 from last week… A convoy was intercepted between Illinois and Iowa. Satellite imagery couldn’t track it because of mountainous terrain? I’m not aware of any mountains between Illinois and Iowa, or in either of those states.

And how can a lawyer show up moments after a terrorist arrives and people not raise questions about how the lawyer knows to show up?

I accept a lot of the stuff that happens. You need to have some suspension of believe when you watch certain types of shows, but these are just a little ridiculous.

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