Caught this movie on Monday night… a buddy of mine (Thanks Paul) won tickets to a sneak preview. First off, the movie will end up being one of the best of the summer popcorn flicks of the year. It was made to entertain, not preach, and it does it well.

Going in, I was worried… Micheal Bay, the director, has made some entertaining movies, but he has had some misses as well. First off, I had heard that he had changed Bumblebee, one of the very classic Transformers, from the classic Volkswagon Bug into a Camaro, so I wondered what else he was going to “mess” up. He did end up modernizing many of the Transformers, but didn’t do any lasting damage. He also gave Optimus Prime a mouth and that just didn’t seem quite right either. Wasn’t sold on his flames either. He also needed to be hauling around a trailer.

But back to the movie… Decent story for a popcorn flick, good action sequences, and characters that I cared about. They even made Bumblebee funny, as I always remembered him. The main actors in the movie, the two high school kids, were well done by Shia Labeouf and Megan Fox. This actually makes two good movies that Shia has done as he was also in the movie Disturbia which was also a surprise hit to me (looks like I never wrote a review about that one… here goes… it was very entertaining).

Anyway, if you want to see an entertaining action movie, and you had or new someone that played with the old Hasbro toys, you’ll enjoy this one. Check it out.

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