Live Free or Die Hard

Caught this movie just last night… It’s a Die Hard movie and they did a good job. Knee jerk reaction places after the 1st one in terms of quality and before 2 & 3.

Good action sequences that don’t go on too long. Bruce Willis playing John McClane one of his best characters (the others being Butch Coolidge in Pulp Fiction and James Cole in Twelve Monkey). The Mac Guy (Justin Long) cast as a computer geek was also funny to begin with and he manages to pull it off well.

Like the other Die Hards, it’s all about the money. Timothy Olyphant (from Deadwood) plays the villain and it is almost weird watching him without a cowboy hat and talking in cowboy-speak that they used in Deadwood. He pulls off playing a cold hearted villain very well.

Overall, very entertaining summer blockbuster action/pop-corn flick… Don’t expect a movie masterpiece and you’ll be very entertained.

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