The Simpsons Movie

Just a quick review of this movie that I caught on Friday night… I’ll start by saying I’m a Simpson’s fan. The show is not as good as it once was, but I still like to watch it.

The movie was like watching a long episode, which was luckily one of the better episodes. Nothing too special. They even poked fun at this by doing a “To be continued…” in the middle of the movie and then starting right back up with the story.

Some people commented that it was like watching 3 episodes they had written and crammed together and I don’t buy this. If you’ve watched the show at all, it is often difficult to tell where they are going with a story… the beginning of an episode has very little to do with an end on this show. The other comment I’ve heard is the villain should have been Side Show Bob and I think that would have been fun, but what they did worked too.

Overall, good movie, fun to watch, but nothing special. They know what works on TV and just made a bigger version of it for the movie.

Loved the Spider-Pig bit…

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