Barefoot Flyers… That’s What They Called Them

They call them flyers… I call them jumping in and then having the boats go… there was no flyer action here… The boats don’t take off until they hit the water, the boat tightens the rope, and then it goes… Props for jumping off the bridge though.

8-Man Bridger Flyers? [Video]

To be called flyers, the ropes should have been nearly tight and as they jump the boats would need to take up what little slack was left and really be moving before they hit the water.
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Jumping in The Beav [Part 1]

Here are a few pictures of what is likely my last jump set of the year… I decided to do some ride overs since I haven’t skied a way in while because I’ve been trying helicopters off the ramp. Granted I’ve landed every one, but I have yet to ski away. Gravity pretty much ensures that I land every time. I figured the feeling of skiing away would be nice, plus, I need to get my jumping basics down again. I’ve become a little sloppy off the ramp.

Here’s the pictures…

In this one you can see I leave the ramp a little goofy… skied away though.

Here’s another one… little bit better in the air.

And the last jump of the day…

I tweaked my ankle earlier this summer and did again in this jump set so I kept the jump set short. Every landing was painful for my ankle.

I’ve got more pictures and video clips of everyone else coming soon. Some of them contain some pretty good wipe outs… Stay tuned.

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Bungee Cord Barefooting

I’ve grown accustomed to barefooting with my handle and line. They aren’t anything crazy special or anything… just a BFI toe hold handle with a spectra line I think. Basically, my line doesn’t stretch, at all. Like a steel cable, but red, without the dangers involved with a steel cable.

Well today, after jumping (pictures/videos coming soon) I took a foot run with the rope in the boat. Made my run no problem, but the rope was like a bungee cord. I cord feel it stretch and shorten up during the start and while footing. Hit some chop, I could feel it stretch and tighten between each wave. Talk about distracting. Never really got comfortable. It felt like the rope was stretching and shortening up probably about 6 inches to a foot throughout the run. This was a very different feel from my normal rope which has no give and now I’m even more glad to have it.

My run ended with me catching a toe, catching air, and then hitting the water, head first at 40 MPH and I didn’t get my hands up to break the water. Now, 11 hours later, the top of my head still hurts from breaking the water.

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Good News…

From the Dane County Executive…

Lakes Mendota and Kegonsa already back to 200-feet zone

Water levels on Madison’s four major lakes have receded to levels allowing for the return to the normal 200-foot “Slow, No Wake” zone from shorelines with the exception on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona, where the zone remains in effect for the entire surface.

As of sunrise on September 22, the “Slow, No Wake” zone will be 200 feet from shorelines on lakes Waubesa and Monona – with the exception of Squaw Bay in Lake Monona. Due to continuing high water levels in the bay, the “Slow, No Wake” zone will remain in effect from the Winnequah Boat Landing south to the opposite shore.

The zones already had been returned to the normal 200 feet from shorelines on lakes Mendota and Kegonsa earlier this month.

A Slow, No Wake Zone means a boat must move as slowly as possible while still maintaining steering control and produce no wake.

Today’s order comes from the Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney and Dane County Board Chairman Scott McDonell. All three officials thanked boaters for their compliance with previous orders and noted that they continue to monitor lake levels daily.

The officials on August 28 declared an Emergency Slow, No Wake Zone on the entire surface areas of the four lakes following heavy rainfalls that created flood conditions.

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Can’t Buy Me Love

The movie itself is OK, nothing special, but it was on HD Movie Net the other night and I figured why not watch it. Hadn’t seen it in a while…

Besides being the 41st best teen movie according to Entertainment Weekly and one of the first movies appearances of Dr. Derek Shepherd, aka McDreamy, aka Patrick Dempsey, it has a very well done “Slow Clap“, so hilariously made fun of in in Not Another Teen Movie. The Slow Clap really is a highlight of 80s movie making that is still in use today.

Added bonus… a young Seth Green. Best part is he’s already got a twisted sense of humor. Already showing signs of the brilliance that is Robot Chicken.

Here’s a montage I found showing a good selection of Slow Claps…

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day

“Aye, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! On this fine day, everyone can talk like a pirate all day long.”

My pirate speak typically sucks, but today, everyone can try out their pirate speak and not be looked at like a complete idiot… if people do look at you like an idiot, just tell them what day it is and everything will be cool.

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Quiz #1 – TV Quotes

OK Peeps,

First off, the rules… no cheating by using Google or anything like that to search for where these quotes are from. You need to do this the old fashion way… use your brain. Next up, that’s the only rule. Finally, there is no prize, other than your personally pride. How do you enter? Just come to this post on the my blog site and make a comment. If this works, I may do some other quizzes.

Here are the quotes… They are from the same series.

“I learned how to handle delicate social situations from a little show called 3’s Company.”

“I never thought I’d escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out.”

“Normally Healthy Baby, Super-Size it for 49¢!”

Is anyone up for the challenge?

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