Hey All You Mad-City Peeps!

Browsing showskiers.com today, I noticed that Lei, an amateur photographer who was at Nationals recently re-opened his galleries. I just looked through them (watched the slide show) and there are a lot of great pictures in there. I especially like the Montage photos and the Jawdropper photos. He’s got some great shots of the 720. Go check them out.

For everyone else, you can just go check out some great photos!!!

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First Footing Runs of “Fall”

Hit the bay tonight. Now that Fall is officially here, I guess I can ll say Fall now. Had good weather for Wisconsin in September… 65 & Sunny, although it was breezy. We did find some good water though. Here are some pretty good photos from the night…

The Madison skyline as seen from Monona Bay

Bugs cutting hard… look at that glass…

Pretty good one foot

Footing in front of the sunset

Sunset on Monona Bay

Link to my Picasa Web Album with full size versions you can download…

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Yes, there was a new kung fu movie out this past weekend and I went to it. I’ve become a sucker for kung fu movies, mainly because they are almost always entertaining. They may not be great movies, but they entertain.

This one was no different. Fearless, staring Jet Li, in what he calls his last kung fu movie, is a good movie. The kung fu sequences are phenomenal and there is a captivating story (something lacking in a lot of movies) that links the action sequences.

Regardless of whether you like kung fu movies or not, this movie is worth watching, whether you catch it in a theatre or later at home, watch it.

It tells the story of the Chinese Martial Art Master Huo Yuanjia who becomes a symbol to the entire nation, and one worthy of being a model for how everyone should live their lives.

I want go into details of the story other than to say it worth watching. If this is indeed Jet Li’s last movie, he definitely ended on a high note.

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I’m Number 1

At least according to Google when you search for “who is the badger who wanted cheese curds when he won the lottery”. Don’t believe me, click here. If you want to know why I know this, click here (not sure how long this link will work).

I previously mentioned that I thought it was rather funny when some Badger said it on the video board during a prepared video clip at the Badger game. At the time, I didn’t know who it was.

Well, I decided to see if I could figure it out. I’m not completely sure, but I think it is #75 Andy Kemp that said he’d buy cheese curds if he run the lottery. Why do I think it is him? Well, he is an offensive lineman, so he is the right size (6-6, 316), he looks like the person that said it (same face, short hair) and he’s from Wisconsin (you’d have to be to say it with that much enthusiasm– Menesha, WI to be exact.)

I tracked this down by looking at the Badger Media Guide.

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