Freestyle Footstock

There’s been some debate about what exactly is freestyle barefooting… while here’s AN answer.  You see the Andre and Zane DeVilliers and Chris Morrison do some pretty sweet tricks, including hitting the ramp and doing more than your standard barefoot jumps.  Nothing we haven’t see before, but it’s nice to see them try this stuff out on something less than perfect glass water.  Granted they still had excellent conditions, but not the glass you see them do this stuff on all the time.

Freestyle Footstock

Music City River Run – Oct 18, 2008

The boys of Barefoot Endurance Racing on ning have announced the details of the 3rd Annual Music City River Run.  The endurance race takes place on Saturday, October 18th.

Sounds like they are doing two versions of the race this time…  one version will be the relatively normal 25 mile variety.  The other version will be 100 miles.  For more details, click the link above to check out the ning site.  Here’s the entry form with a bunch of details and here’s a link to the BFC forum with some discussion on the race.

Oh Brother…

This is kinda of an uninspired video from BFC… not a whole lot new in this one, and there isn’t a lot of footing either.  They go shopping for “cowboy” clothes and hats, do a little footing in what looks like just swim trunks and cowboy hats, but if you look closely, you can see barefoot shorts under their trunks.  So if you’re excited to see guys go barefooting with cowboy hats, enjoy…

Oh Brother Where Art Thou?

Do Your Thing

As usual, BFC has put together another video of really good footers doing some sick tricks on glass calm water.  It’s almost starting to get old.  But then about 2:30 in the video, they starting doing something interesting again.  I wouldn’t quite call them front flips or back flips, but the footers do go inverted, kinda of like a cartwheel, but with no hands (after trying to find the term for that trick, I guess its called an aerial cartwheel).  Then they start doing these over each other.

In summary, the first half is a little ho-hum with the sick tricks we’re becoming way too use to and then it gets interesting at the end.  Now go watch the video…

Do Your Thing

Redneck Barefooting

Here’s what we need:

  • rope… check
  • wetsuit… check
  • kneeboard… check
  • snowmobile… check

Snowmobile?  Yes, snowmobile.   Don’t need a boat or even a jet ski.  Just something that can move over the water.

KSO, on a trip to Wisconsin decided to try out footing on a small private body of water behind a snowmobile.  Here’s the video…

Redneck Barefooting with KSO

Then, based on some dates, shortly after doing this, KSO went on to win his 9th Barefoot Nationals at the Blue Moo followed by Footstock in Crandon.  He had a busy summer in Wisconsin.

Footin’ Fever 2008

For those of you who live near Winter Haven, FL or just need a little excuse to head down to warmer weather in the fall, Cypress Gardens is hosting a head-to-head barefoot endurance competition on Saturday, October 25.  Registration begins at 7am and the footin’ starts at 8am.  Depending on the number of entries, it may expand to Sunday if needed.  For full details, check out the announcement on USA Water Ski.

Solving the World’s Problems

Here’s something from an email chain I typed up today… I was asked if we had solved the world’s problems… Here’s my response.

And yes we solved the world’s problems… the Mad-City Ski will be introducing a new car that runs off the energy generated by big bright show skier smiles. Just keep a shit eating grin on your face and it’ll cruise down the highway. Revert to a normal smile and it’ll stop damn near immediately. Still working on a way to power boats with this power, but they have a tough time maintaining their smiles as they pull people of the dock (some are concentrating just too hard to smile). Besides solving the world’s energy crisis and the issue of road rage (it’s just too hard to yell mean things while maintaining this smile), the ski team will make enough money to buy up Monona Bay and all the surrounding land and convert it into the world’s best show ski site and ski school. And we also plan to move MG&E’s hot water outputs into the bay to keep it heated year round for skiing.

I was then questioned on pissing off the property owners and fisherman, to which I replied…

In my plan, the property owners would be very well off. The team purchases all the land around the bay to plant more trees (wind blocks) and create a huge park/ski site along the south shore of the bay (that is the best shore in the summer with Madison predominate south winds.) Basically, it would be a park all around the bay with the exception of the side with the train tracks on the shore.

Fisherman would be happy too… based on the need to be able to run U shaped patterns, some new breakwaters would be installed in the southwest and southeast corners out in the bay to prevent waves from the U-shaped patterns from interfering with the calm water in the center of the show course. These breakwaters would be planted with trees to both provide additional windblocks and “hide” things that are out of the show course. The side of the breakwaters opposite the main show course would become prime fishing areas based on the new shoreline for small fish to hide which attract larger fish which the fishermen want. Due to the nature of the boat patterns, they’d be able to fish in these locations anytime, including during shows practices.

I can’t think of a way to help the ice fishermen though… they’d just be out of luck.

And in case you didn’t realize this by now… this is completely fictional and tongue-in-cheek. Not real. Don’t be offended or pissed off.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.