The Jersey… Part 2

Back in April I posted how I thought it would be awesome if the guy who put a Red Sox jersey in the cement of the new Yankee Stadium had buried a second item somewhere. I specifically mentioned a second jersey, but now there are reports of a score card being buried somewhere, and this time, he isn’t blabbing about the location.

Heard about this from Keith Olbermann/Deadspin/USA Today.

In the words of Eric Cartman… “Sweeeet!”

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Inappropriate or Hilarious?

Or both? You decide…

Personally, I think both. I can’t help but laugh at this image, the winner of the latest Woot contest, but also feel bad that I think it’s funny. The image in question is from Woot user toby8195. Prepare to feel bad that you’re laughing so hard…

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The Jersey

If you pay attention to sports, you’ve probably heard that a Red Sox fan who happens to be a construction worker on the new Yankees’ stadium decided to put a Red Sox shirt in the cement of the stadium. (Here’s the story from TBL.) The guy couldn’t keep a good think secret and blabbed and then the Yankee’s went and dug it up.

Here’s what would be awesome…

He went and told about this shirt to make a big fuss about it. The secret is he really buried 2 shirts in the cement and didn’t mention that there is a 2nd shirt.

That would be awesome if he was smart enough to do that!

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Visitor Number 5000

Visitor number 5000 hailed from the Arena, Wisconsin area and arrived via the Google Image search having found this picture from this page and spent about 33 minutes browsing the blog looking through at least 13 different pages.

Obviously, the main page has been the most visited page, but the “Fatty Full of Fellowship and Fun” page visited by #5000 has been one of the most popular pages for people to find, followed closely by the Friday Night Surfing page.

Now that I’ve crossed the 5000 visitor mark, the quest begins for 10,000! Hopefully I get to 10,000 just a bit quicker!

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Approaching 5000 Visitors Fast…

Waaaaay down at the bottom of the home page you’ll find a tiny little counter. That’s what keeps track of how many people stop by. Well, I’m nearly to 5000 visits. Should cross that total later on today or tomorrow. Will you be visitor number 5000? If you are, let me know!

Those of you looking for some water ski commentary… it’ll be coming… real soon. The lakes are nearly open and my boat is ready to go. Just waiting for the water to resume it’s liquid form.

And yes, I’m jealous of Rykert… he’s back on the water. Posted a couple videos too. If you listen closely, there are a couple funny comments from the people holding the video camera.

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Whole Lotta Updates…

Where to start… it’s been about a month since my last post. No, I haven’t gone away, just been busy dealing with “winter” stuff here in Wisconsin.

I guess the first big update from the last month would be I hit up Think Tank. For those that are wondering what that is, it’s a water skiing convention put on by the Wisconsin Water Ski Federation. You can go there and learn about a lot of different aspects of water skiing. 3-event, collegiate, wake boarding, barefooting and show skiing. Lots of show skiing stuff there. It’s a good way to get people excited about the ski season starting here in Wisconsin (not that it has yet, but it’s getting close). It’s also a good excuse to get a bunch of water skiers together and have a big party. Only real complaint from the weekend is the hotel bar at the Chula Vista is not big enough to hold all the skiers. Over at BFC, they’ve posted a pretty good update about there trip to Think Tank.

My personal experience there was a lot of fun. I had my friend Linda, a show skier herself, up from Florida for the weekend. We got up there late afternoon on Friday and hit the water park in the hotel. I think it’s the first time I’ve gone to a water park in about 15 years. That was a lot of fun. Then we hit the outdoor hot tub for drinks before changing and heading down to the doubles competition and fashion show (better known as 2 good reasons to drink at Think Tank.) Saturday was rough, dranks lots of water, taught my tank in the afternoon and partied some more that night.

Shortly after Think Tank, I heard about a new water skiing movie coming out this summer. H2O Extreme. Guess the plot synopsis is a talented water skier and hockey player moves from Wisconsin to Florida to pursue the big money in professional show skiing, passing on a professional hockey career. Personally, it’s like my life story. Grew up playing hockey, in Wisconsin no less, love to show ski and water ski in general, but still not getting paid. I guess the main difference between me and the guy in the movie, he’s got some made show ski skills. Flying high on the wakeboard and fronts and gainers off the ramp, where as I’m a chick hauler who likes to try and jump. Want some more details? Check out the trailer…

If watch the trailer closely, you’ll see the newest skis from HO (yes that’s a real ski company name), twin tip jump skis. Yes, they’ve been doing it for years on the slopes and now they’ve done it for jump skis. Seen on the water ski blog-o-sphere first over on the Row Boat, you can pick up your own pair for four bills over at

While I’ve been lacking in my blog posts, the Row Boat has not. Then been posting up a flurry lately. Word on the street is the Row Boat has expanded a little bit. It’s no longer one man on the oars and it sounds likes he’s got a couple people over there helping to row himself around the lake.

Meanwhile, it looks like winter may actually be over here in Wisconsin. Spring officially starts tomorrow and my yard is pretty empty of snow (except where I piled it up clearing off the driveway). The lakes are still not open yet, and probably won’t be for a couple weeks yet. Too much ice needs to melt.

To compare the weather from this year (tons of snow) to years past (not tons of snow), back in 06 I actually went skiing without a dry suit and didn’t freeze on Good Friday. This Friday, which happens to be Good Friday I’ll definitely not be on the water. One reason, the water is still frozen solid. The second reason, which actually trumps the first, is it will likely be snowing here on Friday. Southern Wisco is under a winter storm warning from Thursday night thru Friday. 4 to 6 inches expected. Now you’re thinking “but it’s spring”? Well, spring here in Wisco still means we get some snow now and then.

Finally, been busy with Mad-City stuff. You’re thinking, but it’s winter, how can you be busy. Well, Mad-City goes year round. Being on the board keeps me pretty busy, but I’ve been helping out on the show committee helping to plan next years show, also keeps me pretty busy. Plus, we’ve had some winter practices. Those don’t take up much time, but they are there. We’ve got a small army of new people on the team this year and need to get them up to speed for climbing so once the water thaws, we can get the pyramids going.

We’ll, I try not to go a month before posting again. I’ll be getting my boat ready to hopefully hit the hopefully no longer frozen water the first weekend in April. Won’t be breaking my record season start of March 24 from last year, mainly because the lakes are frozen. Although as you can see from the previous post, I did get a little water time in January. (Still get shivers in my spine thinking about that.)

Couple last things… over on the right, you may have noticed it looks a little different. First off, there’s a section titled What I’m Reading. That’s mainly random funny or interesting things I’ve found on the net. Click on one of the links now and then, it might make you laugh. Just below that there’s my attempt to help cross promote the other skiing sites on the web as I Scour the Web for Water Skiing. The good sites that I’ve found, I’ve set up in a feed so as they post stories, you’ll see them in the feed there on the right. Way down at bottom of the right side column, there’s a place to sign up for email updates from here. Put your email address in, and after you confirm your subscription, these posts will come right to your Inbox. Inbox cluttered, just use the RSS feed… don’t know what an RSS feed is? Go here to get a crash course on what they are, then make your way over to Google Reader. Sign up or use your existing Google/Gmail account and it’ll keep track of all your RSS feeds.

Lastly, if you’ve made it this far, you’re a dedicated reader. Show your dedication by sending my a barefooting story my other site… Tales from the Foot. I want to get some reader generated content up there. Send me barefoot successes, failures or funny stories.

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New Web Address

You may have noticed something a little different across the top of the site. I have a new address. All your old bookmarks will continue to work, but the new address will be easier to remember. I’m working on getting to work without the www part, but no dice yet.

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Righty or Lefty?

Thought this was worth sharing. Which way do you see the dancer spinning? I saw her spinning clockwise so according to the article, I’m right brained.

The reason I found this really interesting is looking at the right & left brained descriptions, although I agree with the right brained description, a lot of the left brained descriptions I thin apply to me as well.

Finally, this contradicts the old saying of right handed people are left brained, at least for me…

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