Human Short-Lines

Over at BFC, they’ve had a new video up for a while. The video features Andre de Villiers from South Africa once again playing on the jacked up boom.

Download Jungle Bookie

A while back there was a huge debate on Super Fly Highs and their impact on barefooting over in the BFC forums. If you watch the video you see Andre doing some jumps while footing. The only people I’ve seen get more air hit a ramp so I think the argument about Super Fly Highs (SFH) not helping a barefooter is moot. They provide a fair amount of upward pull (aka lift) that a skilled barefooter can take advantage of.

I’m not saying the footers that do the crazy insane tricks on the SFH’s aren’t good footers. They are. They are usually very good footers, but the SFH is helping them with learn some of these insane tricks. If they start doing these tricks long line, they’ll have taken their skills to a whole new level.

We Need a Friday!!!

Ok world, I’m rolling out a new feature here on… here’s the first debate topic.

The world of wakeboarding has Dallas Friday as one of it’s leading ladies.  She’s a phenomenal wakeboarder, widely recognized as one of the best in the sport, who looks just as good as she boards.  Here’s a picture of her holding a wakeboard as she poses on the sun deck of a Malibu Boat (yeah, she’s got a boat sponsor.)

Dallas Friday for Malibu Boats via WaterSki Magazine

The question I’m posing for this debate is this:

Who is the Dallas Friday of the Barefooting World?

Is it one of the ladies from the Chicks Rule video that has been about to come out for what seems like years now?  (Good excuse to link to the trailer over at Toes Up.)

Download Chicks Rule – Trailer 1

Let the debate begin!

Mad-City Dual 2008 – Slightly Longer Recap

Michael Franks mailed in his recap of the barefoot figure 8 tournament to BFC… he’s got a few more first hand details, since he was actually present at the tourny.  Head on over to Barefoot Central and check out the recap.  There’s some pictures of the “weather” there too.

For a truly brief recap, head on over to BareFootSki dot com… they got a really young looking picture of Stokes in their story.

Mad-City Dual 2008 – The Very Brief Results

Just wanted to do a quick recap of what happended this past Saturday at the Mad-City Dual…

The wind was windy, the bay was still relatively sea weed free (at least at the surface) and the weather provided some excitement for everyone…

With the wind blowing strong in Madison, the normlly calm bay, proved to be a bit rougher than normal.  Rougher to the point that the longest 8 of the day was half an 8, which was put up by Paul Stokes.  Ironically, if the bay had been weedier, the water would have been calmer, but you can’t have everything.

Roughly 18 to 20 footers suited up for the off again, then back on again, figure 8 tournament.  From what I heard, there were supposed to be a few more, but they opted out at the last minute.  There was a group from Michigan that made the long haul to Madison for the tourny and they had a good time.

Paul Stokes added another ring to the Mad-City Dual Championship Ring collection that he has going, but not before he missed a step off… rumor on the street is Frank the Tank has a good series of pictures of this rare event.  Meanwhile Footstock Dave managed to catch a lot of the many falls on video, which once posted, should provide a lot of entertainment.

Afterwards, most of the footers headed over to Olin Park for some frosty beverages at the Clean Lakes Festival.  They arrived in time to catch a bit of the bands, drink some beer and eat some foot before the weather kicked into high gear.  It went from a hot, muggy day to pretty cool in a matter of moments, storms popped up out of nowhere, we saw clouds moving in a circular motion over the lake as everyone kept drinking beer until the festival was called to do severe weather.

Props to the One Love Footing Team for putting this together with Paul Stokes and congrats to Stokes for winning yet again.

I’m hoping to get some more first hand details, pictures, and potentially some video to post from this event.

I  guess this recap became a little bit longer than I thought it would be.

Finally… Some Almost Warm Weather

Finally had a chance to bust out the boat last weekend on Saturday morning and have a good time on the water. I forced everyone to have a early wake up, even though it is a late start for skiing, still early as we all adjust to a summer morning skiing schedule. I called for people to be at the lake at 830am. As I pulled in just a couple minutes late, I saw Sandy and John waiting. We launched the boat as Teri called to say that Rob and her were “almost” there. About 15 minutes after we got the boat in the water, they arrived, through no fault of Rob’s, or so he claims. Next time, I plan to just tell Teri 30 minutes earlier than the rest of us. They did bring some trail mix for everyone to snack on though.

Back to the skiing… We didn’t freeze, calm water and lots-o-sunshine. John, Teri and I did some footing, Sandy did a little slaloming, Rob got dragged around on the boom (much to our entertainment), and then we busted out my new surfboard. I won’t go into details about the day, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking… We took lots of them, and here the best of the pictures…

John threw some tumbles…

and one foots…

and did we mention he likes to test out his barefoot shorts…

I just did some footing… here I am in front
of the hospital I’m spending a lot of time in now…
(Work reasons, not health reasons)

Teri demonstrated a tumble turn on the boom

John wanted to have some on the boom too

Sandy busted out her slalom ski to rehab her knee…
her she throws up a wall behind the spray from the boat

A better picture…

Here I’m making sure the surfboard works

Teri on the board from up high…

and down low…

That wave looks huge!

John actually looses the rope now and then…

No rope…

But sometimes needs it back

Rob learned how to surf…

Here’s he on top of the water…

Here he’s about to go upside down…

It wasn’t that warm out though…
Sweatshirts made the day very nice
Sandy’s catching some rays here

And here’s the backdrop for our skiing, the state capital

Back to my earlier comment about dragging Rob around on the boom… he tried he hand (or feet) at barefooting. Now he’s not a small person and tested out the boom. He threw up some big splashes with some of his tumble up attempts, even dosing the camera once. We decided to catch them on video. I need to do a little editing and set the videos to music for maximum entertainment value. Be sure to check back.

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