Hydrofoil Surfing?

So I’m watching Step Into Liquid on HDNet tonight and come across something very interesting.

Besides coming to the conclusion that I really do need a subwoofer, I saw some surfers, Laird Hamilton was one of them, who found a Sky Ski or Hydrofoil. They think its fun and all that as they get pulled behind a PWC, but then they get to wonder about why they need to be seated and strapped in. One of them takes a saw and cuts of the chair, they strap on some bindings and they make it into a surf foil. Pretty slick.

Sorry Cake, but they did really chop up a sky ski.

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Pretty Sweet Footing Video

Just found this site called Cowz R Us .net on the web, hosted by some Wisconsin footers. They put together a pretty slick video of a lot of awesome footing action and even some great falls. It is set to what I think is one of the best footing songs ever, Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue, a song that is first and foremost about adrenaline, literally. There are time I hear this song in my head while footing. They even show a barefoot pyramid where everyone foots away, including the climber.

Link to the video is HERE.

I may need to track these people down this summer.

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1st Annual Water Skiing Report

I hope to make this an annual recap of skiing, but this’ll be the first one…

This last year was my longest ski season to date. It started on March 23 and ended exactly 7 months later on November 23 (Thanksgiving). That amounts to 245 days of on the water activity. I’m hoping this off season will be my shortest off season ever as well. It was even longer than the baseball season, something I will strive to do every year.

I took my boat to the lake 45 times, putting 61.5 hours on the engine. I was at the lake nearly every day throughout the summer (June-August) for ski team as well. So actual number of days on the water isn’t known (need to count this better for next year).

Now for the break down of runs…
1 Ballet Run
2 Slalom Runs
2 Fluff Runs
3 Random Show Ski Runs (not sure)
8 3-High Pyramids
10 Jump Sets for a Total of 35 Jumps (my back didn’t cooperate, so this is basically just the count for the month of June)
16 Conventional Doubles Runs
95 Barefoot Sets

The 95 barefooting sets break down like this…

Overall I took 299 barefoot runs. I really wish I had done one more.

29 were of unknown length
28 were short runs (usually show ski passes, flyers off the docks & tumble turn attempts)
200 were medium runs
45 were long runs
14 were marathon runs
3 were figure eights

A short run is a typical show ski pass, a medium run is approximately a diagonal pass in the bay, a long run is usually at least two bay shore lines or more. A “marathon” run is qualified as a bay loop or more (or the equivalent) and a figure eight is a figure eight. The difference between long & marathon was tough to keep track of.

Of the medium runs, a lot were done in rapid fire succession. Dash across the bay, boat whips a shitty & takes off again. Never let go of the rope. Total time between runs is (if done right) about 10 or 20 seconds.

There were also 9 2-a-days. Usually these involved waking up and going skiing, then work, then going back to the lake for more skiing. I need to up this count as well next year. I didn’t do any 3-a-days, which is disappointing.

As you can see, this running sound for the ski team really puts a damper on me doing much besides barefooting. Only took 40 show skiing related runs all summer and 301 “other” runs. I think my wakeoboard made it to the lake 4 or 5 times but I never used it.

One final statistic that speaks to the quality of the people that come out skiing with me… I put $806.23 worth of gas into the boat and my fellow skiers kicked in for $497 of it. Considering there is usually 3 of us in the boat at a time and people are helping out for two thirds of the gas is great. Thanks to everyone for helping out with the gas bill.

Finally, both my first and last days on the water had air temps of 45 degrees and water temps of 37 & 41 respectively. Just to let everyone know, when your face is covered in cold water and you’re going 40+ MPH, that 45 degree air is bone chillingly cold on your face. The wind chill really does a number on you. According to NOAA, when it is 45 degree and there is a wind of 42 MPH, the air temp feels like 34 degrees. Then you need to mix in the already cold water on your face and it feels even colder, but I couldn’t find any place to mix in the moisture factor.

Finally, I think June 30 was the best day on the water. August 2nd & 3rd were a lot of fun too!

BTW, we (Mad-City) won a state and national show ski championship which is pretty cool too!

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Gone Daddy Gone

So I recently joined the realm of HD TV with a recent purchase and managed to find myself an over the air broadcast channel that actually plays music videos* and doesn’t really have commercials. Granted the channel, called The Tube, isn’t in HD, but it plays good music. Billy Idol, Green Day, Springsteen, Modest Mouse and Gnarls Barkley (they like their variety).

Anyway, the Barkley video for Gone Daddy Gone, a Violent Femmes remake (aka cover), came on and I loved it. Good rendition of the song and a hilarious video. Enjoy.

First Up… The Original by the Violent Femmes

The Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone

Next on the Dock**… The Cover by Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone

*Music videos became popular in the 80’s. MTV rode their popularity and became a major TV network brainwashing millions of teenagers into some poor choices regarding their music (and still does). Fortified in it’s position of power, MTV stopped playing videos but somehow still calls itself a music channel even though the vast majority of it’s programming is now based on reality TV (or at least as close to reality as MTV will ever get). They also started M2 to play music videos since MTV(1) wasn’t playing them anymore. M2 stopped playing them as well. Maybe they have an M3 that plays videos? I don’t know.

**With ski season finished (I put the boat away last weekend) I’m still trying the throw a water skiing reference in now and then. Admittedly, this one is weak. Look for a full recap of this summer’s adventures coming soon. Want to know how many sets I took, how many trips to the lake, etc? I want to know and we’ll find out together in a couple days.

BTW, I got a little link happy in the post.

Photo from Violent Femme website.

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Deja Vu

I caught this movie on Monday night. I had heard from friends that it wasn’t that great, so I went in with low expectations.

Was it a great movie? No. But it was entertaining. Kind of a cross between all the Denzel Washington cop movies with a little bit of a time travel twist thrown in. They didn’t play up the whole “deja vu” aspect of the movie much, but did do a decent job with the time travel bit. Denzel is Denzel and he does a good job playing a cop. He’s done it a lot and the role works for him. I won’t go into too many details for fear of giving away the ending. It was nice to see the Iceman (aka Val Kilmer) in a movie again.

Overall, it was an alright movie. I’ll probably end up watching it again when makes it way on to TV and I run into it channel surfing some day.

BTW, they did leave the door open for a sequel… Deja Vu II.

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New Blog Listed on the Right

I’ve added a new entry to the blog roll. Mr. Rykert living somewhere in corn country (sounds like Iowa if you ask me) chronicles his life on the water as do I. While he recently pulled out his two jumps, it appears that I was still skiing. Give the man props though, he has two jumps. I have access to the team’s jump which gets yanked in mid-September. Granted my back hasn’t agreed with me using the jump very much, but he has two jumps to remove, which is two more than me. Both appear to be better than our team’s jump. And it looks like he has a consistently calm (and apparently clean) body of water to ski on… something that to me is only a pipe dream. Never going to happen in Madison. If I want really calm water, I’m skiing in a swamp. Or in November on Thanksgiving.

On an slightly related note… the great solar bee experiment in Monona Bay has ended. They didn’t appear to be doing anything and, according to my sources, won’t be coming back. This means less obstacles to avoid while skiing in the (near) swamp land. Look at some of my other posts from the summer, and you’ll see the weeds.

On a related note to the my last comment… the fact that the bay is nearly swamp land is both good and bad. Bad because it is nasty to ski in. Completely and totally disgusting. If you ever see it, you will understand… instantly. Ever want to pretend to be the swamp thing, just do a deep in the wrong spot and you’ll have your opportunity to “dress up.” Good because since the water is so disgustingly nasty, no one else goes in there and the narrow path that is typically open in the summer is nearly always glass calm. As you can see, this is a dilemma that I go through while arguing for cleaner water. Yes, it would be best to have water that I don’t need to pretend is clean and hope doesn’t cause me to get sick or infected from something, but I also want it calm water. I’m torn. My health or calm water? Tough choice.

I do wonder why my legs itch all day at work after taking a morning set in there? Things to make you go “hmmmm…”

Now it is time to go enjoy the Stella induced sleep…

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Best Search Result to Find My Blog Ever!!!

In my stats on who viewed my blog, I see lots of interesting things. People from a lot of different countries finding my blog and some of them even spending a significant amount of time reading my random posts.

Tonight, I found the creme de la creme of search referrals (I think that is the right way to write that, really not sure). Someone searched for “salt and water induced puking” and my blog shows up as the second result on this list. Made me bust out laughing. All because of “The Tour“. Makes what I witnessed that night all the more memorable.

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