The Back Breaker!!!

Not quite a jump trick and not quite a barefoot trick, but this falls squarely into both worlds.  The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts invented this trick and Mad-City just did a version of it at Show Ski Nationals.  Here’s the setup…

2 Footers, neither doing anything special, but they are wearing what show skiers call a strap.  It’s a harness that allows the skier to be hooked directly to the boat and keep their hands free.  But the footers aren’t using it like that.  They have the strap on backwards with a rope hooked onto the back.  That rope goes to a jumper who’s going to hit the ramp at barefooting speeds and do some sort of invert.  If you do the math in your head, the barefooters are the pylons for the jumpers.  Here’s the video of Aberdeen doing this…

What Its Like

Another BFC vdieo from South Africa featuring the DeViller brothers.  Besides them doing some sick little tricks with both of them on the boom, one of them does a trick I haven’t seen before.

I’ve seen barefoot front flips before, but never have I seen with a twist.  Luckily they slow it down so you can really see it.

These guys make this tricks look way too easy.

Download What Its Like from BFC

BFC Wisconsin State Tourny Article

Over at, one of the many minions Chuck has out reporting on events for him sent in a pretty good article about the Wisconsin State Show Ski Tournament. The article, written by Michael Frank of the Badgerland Ski Team, has lots of pictures from a lot of the shows and a good explanation of what show skiing is and how it’s scored. Go check it out.

Link: BarefootCentral Wisconsin State Tournament Recap

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