USA Water Ski Post On Barefoot World’s Results

Here’s the USA Water Ski Post

I’ve copied it below because theirs will disappear eventually.

The U.S. Elite Barefoot Water Ski Team and the U.S. Senior Barefoot Water Ski Team each won overall team gold medals, the U.S. Junior Barefoot Water Ski Team earned the overall team bronze medal, and 15 U.S. athletes combined to earn 37 individual medals in respective events as the Barefoot Water Ski World Championships concluded Sunday at Lake Inspiration and Forest Lakes in Otaki, New Zealand.

For the second time, the biennial Elite (Open) Barefoot Water Ski World Championships was held simultaneously with the biennial Junior and Senior Barefoot Water Ski World Championships. The seven-day event featured more than 130 athletes from 13 countries. The Elite Barefoot Worlds took place for the 16th time, while the Junior Barefoot Worlds was held for the eighth time and the Senior Barefoot Worlds commenced for the sixth time.

Athletes participating as members of the U.S. Elite Barefoot Water Ski Team were: Ryan Boyd (Orlando, Fla.)Billy Brzoza (Coventry, R.I.)William Farrell (West Sacramento, Calif.),Elaine Heller (Alma Center, Wis.)Keith St. Onge (Winter Haven, Fla.) and Laura Szwed (White Lake, Mich.). The U.S. Elite Barefoot Water Ski Team won its 12th consecutive world team title. South Africa earned the silver medal and Australia claimed the bronze medal. 

Keith St. OngeThe U.S. Elite Team was led by St. Onge, who won gold medals in men’s slalom and overall, the silver medal in jumping, and the bronze medal in tricks. Brzoza earned the silver medal in men’s slalom; Heller earned silver medals in women’s slalom, tricks, jumping and overall; and Szwed earned bronze medals in women’s slalom and tricks.

For complete results of the Elite Worlds, click here.

Athletes competing as members of the U.S. Senior Barefoot Water Ski Team were: Adin Daneker (Olympia, Wash.)Andrea Eggert (Smyrna, Ga.)Mike Salber (Clermont, Fla.)Heather Towers (Venetia, Pa.) and Kevin Towers (Venetia, Pa.). The U.S. Senior Team won the gold medal, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

Salber won gold medals in men’s tricks and overall, and silver medals in slalom and jumping; Kevin Towers won gold medals in men’s slalom and jumping, and silver medals in tricks and overall; Heather Towers won the gold medal in women’s slalom, silver medals in tricks and overall, and the bronze medal in jumping; and Eggert won the gold medal in women’s jumping.

A handful of U.S. independent competitors also earned medals in the Senior Worlds. Teri Jones (Tucker, Ga.) earned the silver medal in women’s jumping and bronze medals in tricks and overall;Tenley Cederstrand (Tacoma, Wash.) earned the bronze medal in women’s slalom; and Jerry Kanawyer (Byron, Calif.) earned bronze medals in men’s slalom and tricks.

For complete results from the Senior Worlds, click here.

Athletes participating as members of the U.S. Junior Barefoot Water Ski Team were: Shannon Heller (Alma Center, Wis.),Jacklyn Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.)Jamie Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.)A.J. Porecca (Willowbrook, Ill.) and Lisa Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.). The U.S. Junior Team earned the bronze medal. South Africa won the gold medal and Australia earned the silver medal.

Heller earned silver medals in junior women’s slalom, jumping and overall; and Jamie Kumlien earned bronze medals in junior men’s tricks and overall; Porreca earned the bronze medal in junior men’s jumping. John Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), competing as a U.S. independent, earned the silver medal in junior men’s slalom.

For complete results from the Junior Worlds, click here.

Congrats to KSO – Men’s Open Barefoot World Champion

Keith St Onge – 2009 World Barefoot Open Champion 

The results of the Men’s Open Finals have been posted on the Australian Barefoot Water Ski Club’s website now and here are the final standings for Men’s Open:

  1. Keith St Onge (USA)
  2. Heinrich Sam (South Africa)
  3. Andre De Villiers (South Africa)
  4. David Small (Great Britain)

You can view the full results here.

The Women’s Open results are final as well and here are the standings:

  1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (Australia)
  2. Elaine Heller (USA)
  3. Emily Goldia (Great Britain)
  4. Laura Szwed (Great Britain)
  5. Shannon Heller (USA)

Men’s Open Finals Update

Found this update on the Australian Barefoot Team Page

The Men’s are all up[ and back and conditions for them were the same so no problems in that regard. The skiing was  great and just waiting for the scores to be posted. Welll I can safely tell you that this sport will always throw up a challenge. Both Bill Brzoza and Keith St Onge from the USA have tied for the gold at this stage. That means a run off to decide the champion.

Well just to give you an update on things here in Otaki, we are on hold because of conditions. The wind is up and water isn’t looking very friendly. And just to add it’s bloody cold as well!

Finally back to the water and it’s Women’s and Men’s tricks. The water is challenging but we are still seeing the big tricks and starts coming out and looking good. Ashleigh is away last off the dock in the Women’s and goes in about 3/4 way in her 1st pass. Ski’s all the way home so it’s a wait and see on the final results. Good skiing by all the Ladies. In Men’s tricks it all comes down to who’s doing it best on the day. Conditions are tricky.

Guess we need to wait a bit more to find out who’ll win.

Junior and Senior Final Results

Here are what I think are the final standings for the Junior and Senior Divsions at the World Barefoot Tournament in New Zealand.

In the Men’s Senior Division, this is what the standings look like:

  1. Michael Salber (USA)
  2. Kevin Towers  (USA)
  3. Gordia Croteau (Canada)

Women’s Senior Division results look like this:

  1. Gizella Halasz (Austrailia)
  2. Heather Towers (USA)
  3. Teri Jones (USA)

Junior Boys Division results look like this:

  1. Heinrich Sam (South Africa)
  2. Garth Strydom (South Africa)
  3. Janie Kumlien (USA)

Junior Girls Division results look like this:

  1. Ashleigh Stebbeings (Austrailia)
  2. Shannon Hellar (USA)
  3. Caitlyn Rowland (Canada)

I’d like to congradulate  everyone on the achievments and a special congradulations to Teri Jones, who I’ve footed with on a few occassions, Jamie Kumlien who I’ve seen barefoot in ski shows for the Janesville Rock Aqua Jays, and Shannon Hellar who I’ve competed against at the Beaver Dam Best Dam Barefoot Race (her team finished way ahead of my team).

It appears we’re still waiting on the final results for the Open Division.  I’ll keep looking around and will post more details as soon as I find them.

Links to Final Results

The Final Day

The final day of Worlds is about to start, or maybe it already has, over in New Zealand.  PommyFooter has posted a nice little update about what’s in store for the day with the running orders and how they got there.  Basically, whoever is over there is going to see some pretty awesome footing.

As they enter the final day, the Open Team competition is over and here are the results:

  1. USA
  2. South Africa
  3. Australia
  4. Great Britian
  5. Canada

I’ve also seen a few sources say that Mike Salber is the Men’s Senior World Champion, but I haven’t seen a score sheet to confirm that yet.

Good luck to all the footers today.  I”m anxious to find out what happens.

Worlds Summary from BFC

Chuck from BFC posted a nice summary of what’s been happening so far here (link). There are some details on Andre’s knee injury and the fact that he footed again after it occured.  Overall, it’s a good summary of what’s happened so far and what we’re waiting on to find out.

Men’s Open will be decided on Sunday (that’d be Saturday sometime for those of in America).  As stated before, KSO is in the lead, but Sam is still within striking distance and will need to set personal bests in tricks and jumps to take the lead.

Overall, a very good update.  Wish we could have updates like that all week.

World Results So Far…

Current standings So Far

My understanding is this is the standings as they head into the final round.  First two rounds are complete, one to go.

Men’s Open Standings…

  1. KSO – in the drivers seat
  2. SAMS – needs to trick 12000+ and improve his slalom score for a win
  3. ANDRE – injured is knee, people think its the MCL, still going to try and jump in the finals
  5. ZANE

Open Team Results

  1. USA
  2. South Africa
  3. Australia

Junior Team Results

  1. South Africa
  2. Australia
  3. USA

Senior Team Results

  1. USA
  2. Australia
  3. Canada

Finally, BFC has posted video footage of the Semi Final of Men’s Jump.  Here’s the link.  I’ll be watching this when I get home tonight.

Sources for Barefoot Worlds 2009 Info

Here’s a list of the places I’ve been watching closely for news about what’s happening over there…

Worlds Results

Here are the results from the New Zealand Barefoot Water Ski Club’s Website so far:

Mens Open
1) KSO
2) Sam Heinrich
3) David Smalls

Womens Open
1) Ashleigh Stebbeings
2) Elaine Heller
3) Emily Goldie

Based on my lack of 3 event tournament knowledge, I don’t know if they are final standings or not.  I think there are a couple more days of competition.

They have full results so far in PDF… here are the links:

They also have some daily updates posted here.