In Trouble for Water Skiing

Off topic… A man is in trouble from Australian authorities for spending the day water skiing with his son on the Victoria River. The authorities have an issue with it because he wasn’t using a boat. He was towing his son with a helicopter.

A quote from the article…

Blooby nanny state. For gods sake get a life or get back under your rock you bunch of kill joy grannies. Piss off and let people be themselves, get a life or take the next plane out of here. Wankers.

I found this story via Slashdot. Read the full story here (it even has a little bit of video). I’m sure the creative writers over at The CRB will come up with a witty article about this.

Wondering what this might look like? Click here.

Calendar Updated for 2011

Take a moment and check out the calendar on the site. Lots of events have been added for 2011. If you have a barefooting event that you want listed, send it to wedge [at] talesfromthefoot [dot] com.

I’m anxiously waiting for the Madison lakes to melt so I can get my boat in the water for that first run of the year. The weather hit near 50 here today, which will work some wonder on that sheet of ice covering Lake Monona.

We’re Back…

Sorry for the technical difficulties you’ve been experiencing trying to reach the site. In the beginning of February it was migrated to some better hosting, but during the move, I forgot to update the hostname for the database. It’s┬ásimilar┬áto have a great TV to watch stuff on (WordPress), but no movies to watch (the database).

Technical jargon aside, everything is all good now… except for the fact that my lake is still a solid. As in, it’s surface (the part I find most useful during the non-winter months) is currently a rather solid sheet of ice.

Frozen Lake Monona

Admittedly, that picture is a few years old, but the lake is in a very similar state today. Hopefully, sometime this month (if Mother Nature cooperates) or very early in April I’ll be back on the water.