How ’bout them Packers?

There were a couple comments this week about Brett’s arm strength having disappeared after he under threw a couple people last week. Before the game he met with Jaws on the field at the 50 yard line. Jaws asked about his arm. He pointed to a pylon in the end zone and hit it with a 50 yard laser. Jaws didn’t see any issues with his arm strength.

During the game, I think he put that question to rest for all of eternity with the world as his stage. Or at least the rest of the season. He can still throw the deep ball.

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Some October Skiing

Wanted to posted some pictures from some skiing runs earlier this October…

The first pictures are from the very beginning of October. I hit the water right after work on October 3rd to get some quality skiing time in.

John with a nice one foot

Me, smiling for the camera…

John’s buddy from New York getting a slalom run in…

John throwing up a wall of water

The sun setting in the bay…

A nice view of the capital

The next set of pictures is from the morning of the 20th… so this time it was a little colder. First a little background. Originally I lined up T-Bell to go out in the morning. I originally suggested 930 to 11am wanting to give it at least a little while to warm up. She asked to go earlier so she could go to the football game. I didn’t mind so we changed our plans to 830 to 10. Meanwhile, I’m realizing it is going to be a cold morning. Friday rolls around and she had a change of plans and asked if we could go out earlier. Once again I didn’t care, so we set the time from 8 to 930. It was going to be a frosty morning. Everything is set to go.

Much later that night, about 330am, my phone beeps at me. New message from Teri. I flip it open and read it through my half open eyes. It said something to the effect of “Do you know it is going to be 45 degrees in the morning? Still want to go?” I flipped the phone closed and went back to sleep.

7am rolls around and I crawl out of bed. As predicted, it was 45 degrees out, but also a bright sunny day. I’ll ski. Message back to Teri… game on! Then I gave Beau his wake up call. After breakfast, I head off to the lake. I ended being the only one that skied that morning… only one brave enough to hit the chilly water in the even colder air…

Yea…it’s a little colder out here, but I love doing this!

See the nice bright sunny day behind me?

Yes, it’s a bright sunny day out… gotta love it!

And now my face is completely frozen from the wind chill!

I’ll have another update a little latter this week recapping this past weekends adventures… a little trip to the north woods of Wisco for a wedding (the reception was blast… I think… as Bugsy put it “Drunk Wedge came out”) and then I hit the water today. I’ve got some killer pictures of the skiing today (some that are accidentally awesome!) and some good videos too! Check back latter this week.

After Work Skiing

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And Now a Series of Crashes…

As promised, here is a variety of crashes from a variety of people… Not gonna do a lot of commentary, I’ll let the crashes speak for themselves…

First on the dock is Ben… he has his heli’s down pretty good and is working on his front flips… here is one of his attempts.

Next on the dock is Chad… like Ben, he’s a pretty good jumper… here’s a series of helicopters.

Next up is Tommy… he’s the best jumper of the bunch and he decided to just go out on 1 ski. Here are the results…

Finally, Andy tried hitting the ramp on his wakeboard… here are the results…

Hope you enjoyed the crashes… and the ones that they skied away from.

[Sorry this wasn’t up earlier this week as promised… besides life happening, I had some technical difficulties with Google not liking the videos for some reason, the uploader not cooperating, and my internet connection being flaky for a couple nights now.]

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Righty or Lefty?

Thought this was worth sharing. Which way do you see the dancer spinning? I saw her spinning clockwise so according to the article, I’m right brained.

The reason I found this really interesting is looking at the right & left brained descriptions, although I agree with the right brained description, a lot of the left brained descriptions I thin apply to me as well.

Finally, this contradicts the old saying of right handed people are left brained, at least for me…

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Want to See Some Crashes?

I know the answer is yes… I have some videos of various people doing helis, flips and stuff off the ramp that resulted in some pretty good crashes. The videos are being uploaded tonight so look for a post tomorrow night with a whole bunch of crashes.

I hit the water this past Saturday morning. The lake was a nice warm 55 degrees… which in October, isn’t bad. It actually felt quite nice. However the air wasn’t that warm… only about 50 degrees. Luckily it was sunny. I’ll have a couple pics from that as well.

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More Funny Quotes…

I watch a lot of late night TV… must of it is [adult swim] and every once in a while, although just about all of the shows are funny, there is a line or two that I find even funnier. Here are a few…

Shut up friends, my internet browser hear us saying the word “fry” and it found a movie about Phillip J. Fry for us. It also opened my calender to Friday and ordered me some French Fries.
– Professor Farnsworth in Futurama

This is probably especially funny for me and people that know me… I eat what many would consider too many French Fries.

I don’t want to tattle, but is Bobby really a doctor?
– Cindy in Family Guy

For some reason the Brady kids made a cameo appearance on Family Guy… still not sure why. But this line was especially funny… and more than a little bit sick.

Peter: Ah crap, since when did they change the meaning of “for” to “from”?
Brian: I think they had a meeting about it last night.
– Family Guy

Peter had just given away all of the family’s Christmas gifts.

He’s so cute… he can do two things at once time, eat and swim… oh, three things!
– Fry about Seymour in Futurama

Seymour was/is Fry’s dog and this is Fry talking about the dog swimming in the pizza sauce.

Fry: So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct?
A Nibblonian: Yes, except that The Dave Matthews Band doesn’t rock.
– Futurama

Once again… just a great line.

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The Lop Sided Jump

As many of my loyal readers now, the Mad-City ski site had some flooding issues. Part of the flooding troubles we had involved our jump. Not sure on how it happened, but with the high water, our jump became rather lop sided… my guess is a barrel that had a leak that happened to have the leak above water for normal water levels, was pulled under and filled up.

This is all very evident by the new “water line” that is visible on our jump. I don’t think I need to say anything else.

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