Barefoot Chick Fest… It’s On!

Ladies, check you calendars and make plans to head to the Blue Moo on June 19th. This info was recently spotted on both Facebook and on and is from Shauna Pasanen, one of the organizers of the event:

Female barefooters invite you to join an all girl three event barefoot tournament, Barefoot Chick Fest 6/19/10, at the Blue Moo Lake in Alma Center, WI . We encourage you to come out and take part in this great event. If you need help unlocking your potential we will be offering a Barefoot Clinic for Girls only, no boys allowed!

June 17th and 18th. This is a wonderful opportunity to make new friends, create memories, and to have fun sharing your strengths in barefooting. Sign up today by emailing: If you have ever wanted to compete, learn, or watch barefoot waterskiing now is the time. Women today welcome you in getting started, so that we together can build a sport for newcomers tomorrow. Get involved, make it happen, Barefoot Chick Fest 6/19/10!

Barefoot Chick Fest is Set for June 19

In the most recent issue of the Wisconsin Water Skier (a WWSF publication) on the inside cover there is ad announcing the Barefoot Chick Fest that will be taking place at the Blue Moo Lake near Alma Center, WI on Saturday, June 19 this year. The website is listed as but as of this writing, there are no details there. Another site to look for details is As of this writing, there aren’t any more details other than to save the date.

For those that don’t know, the Blue Moo Lake is run by the Heller family who have several very accomplished barefoot skiers that competed successfully at the 2008 Worlds Barefoot Championships in New Zealand. Needless to say, they know a little something about barefooting.

Worlds & Nats

The main reason for a new post is my google alerts found a nice article on the Heller girls.  They recently competed at the World Games in Taiwan and did very well with Elaine taking the gold and Shannon the bronze. Quite an accomplishment for two sisters.  They also competed at the US Nationals a couple weeks later taking gold and silver.  (article)  One thing that helped a lot is Elaine is now using the inverted jumping style and is currently the only woman using that type of jump. Basically, you fly through the air like superman (or woman) and fly a hell of a lot farther.

I can’t find a source to back this up, but I remember seeing a USA Water Ski post go through my RSS reader about Keith St. Onge winning gold at Worlds and I know he also won gold at Nationals as well as set a pending trick record. (article)

Here’s a link with all of the Nationals results.

Finally… a little teaser. Keep an eye on here for a pretty sweat barefoot video (or two) coming soon. Camera work kinda sucks and the view point isn’t that great, but the trick is more than kick ass and makes up for the poor camera work and bad perspective.

Blue Moo Chick Fest Is Online

The Cowz R Us Ski Team, based at The Blue Moo (near Alma Center, WI) has posted their event calender for the year.  They are kicking off the ski season with a Beach Party on May 30 (which is a Lions Club Fundraiser ).  Their next major event is the Wisconsin/Illinois Open on June 26- 28.  Following that is the Blue Moo Chick Fest on July 11th.  They’ve launched a completely new website for that event and you can find it online at  The Blue Moo event calander comes to a close with the Midwest Regionals July 24 – July 26.

You can view their event calender on their site or you can view the event calendar here.  I’ve added all of their event and many others for 2009.

Be sure to check out their video section.  They put together a nice video of the footing from the 2008 Beach Party titled Hellar 2008.

Barefoot Chick Fest 2009 Logo