More Funny Quotes…

I watch a lot of late night TV… must of it is [adult swim] and every once in a while, although just about all of the shows are funny, there is a line or two that I find even funnier. Here are a few…

Shut up friends, my internet browser hear us saying the word “fry” and it found a movie about Phillip J. Fry for us. It also opened my calender to Friday and ordered me some French Fries.
– Professor Farnsworth in Futurama

This is probably especially funny for me and people that know me… I eat what many would consider too many French Fries.

I don’t want to tattle, but is Bobby really a doctor?
– Cindy in Family Guy

For some reason the Brady kids made a cameo appearance on Family Guy… still not sure why. But this line was especially funny… and more than a little bit sick.

Peter: Ah crap, since when did they change the meaning of “for” to “from”?
Brian: I think they had a meeting about it last night.
– Family Guy

Peter had just given away all of the family’s Christmas gifts.

He’s so cute… he can do two things at once time, eat and swim… oh, three things!
– Fry about Seymour in Futurama

Seymour was/is Fry’s dog and this is Fry talking about the dog swimming in the pizza sauce.

Fry: So I really am important? How I feel when I’m drunk is correct?
A Nibblonian: Yes, except that The Dave Matthews Band doesn’t rock.
– Futurama

Once again… just a great line.

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Quiz #1 – TV Quotes

OK Peeps,

First off, the rules… no cheating by using Google or anything like that to search for where these quotes are from. You need to do this the old fashion way… use your brain. Next up, that’s the only rule. Finally, there is no prize, other than your personally pride. How do you enter? Just come to this post on the my blog site and make a comment. If this works, I may do some other quizzes.

Here are the quotes… They are from the same series.

“I learned how to handle delicate social situations from a little show called 3’s Company.”

“I never thought I’d escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out.”

“Normally Healthy Baby, Super-Size it for 49ยข!”

Is anyone up for the challenge?

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Words to Live By

I was watching an episode of Iconoclasts that featured Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder. For those who don’t know, Laird is a really good surfer and Eddie is the lead singer of Pearl Jam (one of my favorite bands).

I mainly watched it to see an interview with Eddie, but ended up learning a bit more about Laird Hamilton as well. Laird is regarded as one of the best surfers ever even though he has never surfed on the professional tour. He helped come up with the idea of the tow in to catch the really, really big waves and butchered an air chair to come up hydrofoil surfing (as seen in Step into Liquid). He’s also an accomplished water skier as well, so I’m hoping he won’t mind me tweaking a quote from him on Iconoclasts.

Laird was talking about his surfing philosphy, but I think it also applies to water skiing just as well.

[Water skiing] “…like art or music, the great thing is there’s no wrong way to do it. The only wrong way to do it is if you’re not having a good time.” – Laird Hamilton

This is something I’ve long thought. Whether you just finished your first run on skis, nailed your first front flip off the ramp, or just taken another of countless barefoot runs, everyone ends with a big smile on their face. My niece had to compose a song on the piano about one of her favorite memories this past year. Her inspirational memory… her first time skiing.

Granted this quote is more often phrased “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right,” but I think Laird’s version puts a much more positive spin on it though. It implies that whether your skiing for your first time ever or just nailed a trick that has rarely ever been done by anyone, if you had fun, that is all that matters.

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