Is Favre Still Washed Up?

I don’t think so. First rushing TD in a very long time (12 years?), first Lambeau Leap ever, efficient passing, 1 yard bullet for a TD. Doubled up on Leinert’s passing rating.

To complement Favre, 2 100 yard rushers. Packers put together a pretty complete game. O-Line looked good.

Mr. Shanoff, I know you hate Favre, but he still has it and I’m waiting for you to admit it. Yes, he isn’t the same as in his glory days, but guess what… he still has it.

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TV Season So Far

Just a few comments about some shows I’ve been watching…

The Unit. Just started watching the episodes that aired last spring. It is quickly becoming one of my best new shows. I’m through the first five so far and like it a lot.

CSI. I’m talking about Las Vegas. I’ve only caught the first 3 or 4 shows so far, but wow. They’ve taken it to a new level. They’ve started doing some stories that span episodes and I love ’em. Miami use to be a very close second, but the original has really pulled out in front. I’m not saying Miami dropped off at all. NY is still a distant third.

2.5 Men. This show just continues to entertain.

How I Met Your Mother. This is another one that I just love to watch. Continues to make me make laugh. Suit Up!

Adult Swim. Harvey Birdman.. the new episodes have been great so far. Aqua Teen Hungerforce… same with this show on Adult Swim. Lovin’ em. Robot Chicken continues to make me laugh. 12 minutes of irrelevance.

Lost. Still keeps me guessing and it’s a show I look forward to watching each week. I try not to guess too much about what and why, just watch to be entertained.

The Venture Brothers. In my opinion, one of the best shows on TV. Not suitable for kids of all ages, but one heck of ‘toon. I look forward to Monday so I can watch the previous nighs show.

There are other shows that I watch or want to watch, like Heroes, The Nine, Bones, House, etc, that I’ve been recording, but haven’t had a chance to watch yet. Nice thing about DVR’s, I can watch what I want when I want. Still plowing through Rome from HBO. Half way done with it.

Once again, much props to CSI. They’ve cranked it up a notch.

Can’t wait for the new season of 24 coming in January.

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October Movie Review Catchup

I’ve had a very busy October. I did manage to catch a few movies, but haven’t had time to write anything about them. So here’s three brief movie reviews.

The Departed. Saw this opening night. What can I say except I loved this movie. And I don’t even care for Damon or DiCaprio that much. I accept that they are good actors, I just don’t always like them. But in this movie, along with Nicholson, they were great. If you like mob or crime movies, this movie is awesome. Great story, kept you guessing just a bit. Lots of plot twists. In my opinion, the Best Movie of the Year so far. Should kick ass and take names in the Oscars. Only thing that might hamper it is there were so many good actors, chances are there are going to be multiple nominees from this movie in either the Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor categories and they’ll steal votes from each other. Go see this movie. It is what movies are supposed to be.

The Grudge 2. Saw this on opening night as well. Sent shivers down my spine a few times. Still, not really sure what happens in the movie or why the Grudge is now spanning continents, but it accomplished its goal of being a scary movie. Nothing to write home about though.

The Marine. This brought back memories of “Old” Schwarzenegger movies. By this I mean, big muscled guy gets pissed off and starts beating everyone up. It accomplished this goal well. Weak story, weak acting, but fun to watch once. Probably never watch it again though. Watching the guy be a security guard was rather funny.

Some movies I’ll be seeing soon…
The Prestige
Saw III [this one is a guilty pleasure]
Flags of Our Fathers

Some movies I might catch…
The Guardian
Maria Antoinette
Bugs in 3-D

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Google Searches

It is always interesting to see how people “find” my blog… I can sometime see where people come from… RSS feeds, MySpace, LiveJournal, random clicks on the Next Blog on top of Blogger, etc. I see a lot of people come from Google searches now too, although this is probably one of the more interesting searches I’ve seen… They searched for “weeds in the bay area“. My blog is one of two sites that came up. I’m not sure what they wanted to find, but I’m guessing it wasn’t information about Monona Bay since they were from California.

Google Search

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Badger Hockey has Started!

The 2006 Badger hockey season is already underway… Out on, the video that was played during the National Championship banner cermony on October 13 is available. I recommend you go check it out. There are some pretty sweet hockey highlights in there.

Badger Hockey Videos – look for the “Mens Hockey Banner Drop” video posted on 10/13/06 and click on the Play button next to it.

I believe it is set to Duel of the Fates from Star Wars Episode 1.


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