Footing, Redneck Skiing and Kneeboards

These are all things you’ll find in Brad Paisley’s the video for one of his newest song’s titled ‘Water’. I’m not a huge country music fan, but the song just sounds like summer to me. If you watch closely, you’ll see a little bit of barefooting in the video. Unrelated to the footing, I especially like the part where the guy rides a bike off the dock, attempting to go into the water, but instead rides into another dock. Ouch. And yes, I’m talking about that redneck skiing, the one where they use something like a back hoe in the middle of what amounts to a large puddle of water and swing people around in a circle on skis. I think that’s a  little crazy, and people think getting dragged behind, or next to, a boat at 40+ MPH hour is crazy. So to each their own. Now enjoy a little bit of summer time music…

Brad Paisley – Water

Did you know that Brad is married to Kimberly Williams-Paisley? Not sure who that is? She was the daughter in the Steve Martin movies Father of the Bride I & II and also on According to Jim (as Jim’s wife’s sister). So when he’s out on his boat, skiing, footing or whatever he does, he has some good company in the boat. And good company is always important. Especially at the end of the day when the sun goes down at it’s beer-thirty.

Mr. & Mrs. Paisley

It’s also nice to see our little sport, and the sport of water skiing in general, in the mass media, and a Brad Paisley video qualifies as that. I think every waters skier around remembers the Alan Jackson video for Chattahoochee since it featured some slalom skiing in it.

Alan Jackson – Chattahoochee

I personally love the neon colors on his life vest and how he is really cutting it up on what appears to be some classic Dick Pop Jr skis in some of the shots.  I also love the old Nautique in the video.

And while we’re on the topic of country music video’s featuring water skiing, I’ll throw one more into the mix. It doesn’t necessarily tie directly to skiing, but it does features such lines as:

It was painted red, it’s stripe was white
It was 18 feet, bow to stern light…

As he reminisces about his childhood boat.

Alan Jackson – Drive

And with that, country music video time is over, for now…

Chicks Rule DVD

I picked up the Chicks Rule DVD that Toes Up or Faceplant finally released last year after a lot of anticipation… they’ve had previews posted on their site forever.  If by chance you haven’t seen the preview, here they are…

Chicks Rule Trailer

The preview looks very promising… some world class barefooters get a chance to show off their footing skills.  Sadly, the preview shows all of the best stuff from the DVD.  The video contains several short interviews with the various ladies so we get to find out how they got into barefooting and some other interesting facts about them that relate to barefooting.  None of this is ground breaking, but is entertaining.  The actually barefooting parts of the DVD… well, we see most of those in the trailer and there isn’t much else in the video besides what’s shown in the preview.  Yes, the footing video in the DVD is longer than the preview, but there isn’t much else.  Just reviewing these two portions of the video, it would be OK, but nothing really that great.  There are quite a few barefoot videos on the web (from BFC and KSO and on YouTube) that are just as entertaining and show better barefooting.

Sadly though, there is a 3rd portion of the video I’d like to mention that for me, tips the scales to the point where I’ll recomend passing on this video.  They have a guest visit them on the docks.  Let’s just say this part of the video is what makes them put a warning about the content in the video being inappropriate for kids.  In my opinion, if it had been left out, the DVD would have been much better.  The segment was pointless, not funny (at least to those of us who don’t know the people involved) and completely unrelated to barefooting. The segment would have been more appropriate on a Girls Gone Wild video, but sadly, doesn’t even feature girls going wild, it just features a very hairy guy doing very stupid things.

If you’re looking for a good barefooting DVD, check out the DVD Soul (available at Lake Elmo Sports) or just go watch the videos you can see on BFC or visit KSO’s site.  I think you can safely skip Chicks Rule.

Finally though, good luck to Teri “Larson” Jones, one of the ladies featured in the DVD.  She’s competing at the Barefoot World’s next week in New Zealand.  I’ve footed with her several times and wish her the best of luck next week.

Did someone turn up the heat?

One more classic video to share from KSO.  Circa 2003, this video originally appeared over on BFC. Besides some barefoot horseplay, it features someone wearing a great white bikini, better yet, it’s someone that should be wearing a bikini.  The kicker is she does a deep water start in it… and nothing else.

Sadly, here in the land of cheese (aka Wisconsin) we no longer experience the weather that encourages people to worship the sun in bikinis. We’re now in jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.  We’re bundling up as winter approaches, so this video brings fond memory of summer days on the lake.

Beside the bikini clad female, you see KSO and someone else doing some tricks on the boom, that although now they seem almost common, I think they are probably some of the earliest people to try some of them.

Enjoy the footing, enjoy the tricks and enjoy the white bikini…

You can find the video on BFC’s video page here.  The video is titled “Hot in Here Video” and the link for it is near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)

Chetek Barefoot Girls Make Bad Girlfriends…

…they go footing without you.

But seriously, there is some pretty good footing in here.  The ladies of Chetek put together a hell of video for Chuck’s Show Ski Challenge.  It features some footing from the Chetek Hydroflite Ski Shows and some other footage of them just out having fun footing.  Lauren, Kelly, Kelsey and Nina do some nice footing here.

And they even have the token bikini footing shot that features a face plant.

Check it out…

Bad Girlfriend on BFC

Good Times!!!

No, I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about what happens when you head out in the boat with a group of friends to ski, drink, relax and generally have a good time.

Well, I’ve posted lots of videos of people doing sick tricks.  Here’s a great video of people that do these sick tricks, but instead of just doing those, they are just have a hell of good time.  Not a whole lot new here in turns of tricks and barefooting accomplishments, but there is some awesome footing, girls in bikinis, girls in bikinis barefooting and some more.  Enjoy the video, because it looks like they had a hell of a good time making it.

KSO & Friends

You can find this video, put together by, and others, over on KSO’s website.

Winter Waterland 2008 Recap

This past weekend I attended Winter Waterland hosted by the Rock Aqua Jay.  I’d like to congratulate and thank them for an excellent event.  Granted this event was barefoot specific, but it was the only event going on in the state of Wisconsin that would allow people to get some water time in the month of January.

Winter Waterland's Ski SiteGranted there is a fair amount of skiing going on in the state of Wisconsin right now, but most of it it taking place on hills… like Cascade, Devils Head or Tyrol Basin.  Some of the lakes are busy too… lots of ice shanties dot the landscape and snowmobiles cruise around the lakes.  Boats are typically no where to be scene.  But this past weekend, the worlds of boating, waterskiing and snow mobiling colided.

The scene was the Anchor Inn located in the booming metropolis of Newville, WI.  Located at the Highway 59 exit off of Interstate 90… the exit with McDonalds, Culvers and the big apple in the sky (really not sure what that is, but it’s there).  The crowd began to gather in the morning and registration was a bit frantic.  It was a perfect winter day for waterskiing and people wanted in on the event.  Mid 20s, overcast and snow falling with the occassional chuncks of ice floating down the river.

Once registration was complete they launched the boats and started crusing around the river a little bit to get them warmed up.  The only problem is, with the boats creating some waves, I think they broke some more ice free from up river and then ice starting flowing down the river in ernest.  About 45 minutes later, the flow of ice finally started to subside and the first skiiers, already suited up, began to get a little anxious.  People wanted to get on the water.

The first skier of the day was a little girl (didn’t catch her name) and took to the water on her swivel ski to the cheers of the crowd.  Subsequent skiers did the same… more swivelers, slalomers, trick skiers and what not.  Everyone had fun.  Some of the skiers, mainly the little ones and some the ladies were carried from the dock to the hot tub that was waiting to reheat everyone.

The drop skis... in the snow.As the skiing continued, the ice flow down the river continued to get less and less and finally the barefooters were allowed to hit the water.  Many people just did steps offs, while I was one of the first to do a deep water start, fulling taking the brunt of the cold water.  I won’t say my run impressed the world… it was short, through some rough water, ending with some face plants.  But it was fun at a cost of about $2/second for the run.  Still worth it.  As I made my way off the dock I ran into Ben from the Must-Skis.  I looked at him and mentioned that it was Miller Time now and he was nice enough to hand me his can of Miller Lite.  I handed it back to him empty a moment later.

Tommy and Chad from Beaverland really got their money’s worth.  They doubled up their runs… Tommy road along with Chad on his run and Chad road along with Tommy on his run.  So they each got two pulls.  They had some of the more successful barefoot runs of the day, with one of them even managing to throw a tumble turn.

Footing with snow and ice in the backgroundAs the skiing and barefooting wound down, the activity in the bar, the Anchor Inn, picked up.  People piled in , ordered food and drink and even some raffle tickets to help raise money for the Rock Aqua Jays.  The bar was busy, but dealt with the crush of people quickly.  I had some of their cheese curds, which were very good.

I had to leave a little early, really just as the party was getting started, to head to another event, but I’m sure the rest of the party was a good time.  Talking with Joel from the Aqua Jays, he mentioned that about 35 people or so took to the water.  Much props to the Rock Aqua Jays, Anchor Inn, Ski H20 and the rest of the sponsors for hosting a great event.

They did announce that this will become an annual event for the Jays that will take place the weekend before the Superbowl.  Looking forward to it 2009.

The Crazy Bikini Girls from Madison
The Bikini Girls from Madison… Heather, KTB and Anna