Jennings and Farve… The Old Man and The Kid That Wouldn’t Leave Him Alone

Still a bit bummed/pissed about the Badger game from earlier today…

[rant]Piss poor play calling by the UW – running the ball was working, PJ Hill was doing well, why keep throwing it? Run, run, 1st down, run, throw, incompletion, throw, incompletion, throw, incompletion, punt just doesn’t work. 4th and 2, I liked that they went for it, but the play selection sucked. Run PJ up the middle! Defense couldn’t tackle for sh!t in the 1st, 2nd and 4th quarters either. I guess the @ss chewing they got at half time only lasted for one quarter. And then what is up with the piss poor use of time outs. A 10 year old knows better than to use them like that.[end of rant]

…and then I came upon this gem of an article about Favre and Jennings.

My impression… Favre liked him from the get go, he just didn’t tell Jennings that he liked him.

Meanwhile, Javon Walker is no longer happy in Denver. Back when the Packers had the unhappy receiver, he demanded more money since he was playing so well. Packers like to deal with contract talks in their last year, not two years before their up so they dealt him. Now he’s due 7.5 million dollars and has been injured for half of this year’s games. Seems to me that someone who wants more when he’s playing better should be willing to give back when he’s not playing at all. I almost feel sorry for the team that picks him up. I say almost because they will knowingly take this person onto themselves.

Seriously, go read the article on Favre and Jennings… it’s a good read.

And props to the Packer Bikini Girls… You can’t tell by looking directly at them that it is cold out, but just look at everyone around them. The guy in the middle giving the thumbs up completes the picture. I wonder which one is his girlfriend? And I agree with their sign completely. And ladies, in case you didn’t know, you did make the broadcast.

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Post Number 400… 7 Tumbles, 6 Bars, Lots of Friends

It has been busy couple of weeks since my last significant post. Sorry ’bout that. In my defense it has been a couple weeks since I’ve been on the water, so I haven’t had much to post about… but I do have a few things.

First up, a little critique of 7’s tumble turn skills. Back on Sept 29, the last day I’ve been on the water, 7 tried some tumble turns. I’ll give him an “A” for his effort. The trick can be broken down into about 5 primary steps…

  1. Sit back down on to the water and transition to your back
  2. Initiate the spin
  3. Spin
  4. Stop the spin
  5. Stand back up and continue barefooting

7 has steps 1 thru 3 down pat. In fact, he has step 3 down so well, he keeps spinning. He’s having some issues with step 4 though. Let’s go to the video…

I’m OK giving out a critique because I’m also willing to admit my last time trying tumble turns looked like this…

Trying to tumble turn or break dance? I’m honestly not sure?

Next up, Imse, the other person out in the boat that day, has been working on his back deeps for a while and at this point I would say he them down pretty well when he’s doing them on the boom. His back deeps themselves are very clean, but his backfooting did produce this awesome photo of one of his falls…

Awesome picture of a backfooting fall

Here’s some video of his back deeps…

As you can see, they look pretty clean. His next step is do them long line.

For a few more pictures from this outing, you can check out the pictures here… there are some good ones of 7 trying a flip on the wake board.

In non-water skiing related news, I’m sure you all remember the really old joke where people ask “Is your refrigerator running?” and most normally people answer “Yes” and then the joke is “Well you better go catch it!” For the past week I’ve been able to answer that joke with a “No” My fridge is dead right now and has been since last Tuesday. I’ve been living out of a mini-fridge from my college days for the past week and a half now and have been keeping my beer in a cooler on the deck. Here’s hoping the neighbor kids don’t find it or realize what’s in it.

Next, one of the most impressive feats of human determination you will probably ever witness… a high school girls breaks her leg and manages to finish her race. I found this on the The Big Lead, but wanted to share it…

At the time that The Big Lead posted it, not much was known, but since then ESPN has had a story on it as well.

A couple weeks ago I had a pretty busy weekend. Nothing too wild on Friday, but Saturday was a long day. Woke up, grilled out, watched the Badgers destroy Michigan in football, then headed downtown to meet up with some peeps… first I hit the Big Ten Pub to meet Paul, Joey, Josh, Cake and Solberg. They had some friends in town. Hung out with them for a while and when the started to head out about 630, I then walked down the street to the Regent Street Retreat to meet up with the Badger Bash Crew. Ran in to KTB, Bugsy, Tristan, Adam and a whole bunch of UW related skiers. By UW related I mean they either skied for the UW, still ski for the UW or skied against the UW in a collegiate event. Met Steve (again) and Meghan from UW-Whitewater’s ski team. Turns out she’s a WaterBug too.

After hanging out a Regent Street for a while, we hit up Toppers and then made our way to the KK… the Kollege Klub. Can’t say I’ve been there recently. About 1030 we migrated to Brats. Bugsy got friendly with The Captain, danced with some random people. Roller Girl showed up with some Healies on and slid up and down the isle… Bugsy, being “smart” asked me to move to my left to be more our in the isle. I had seen what she was doing and new what was going to happen. She came flying down the isle on her heals and ran right into me full speed. Not really an issue for me because a) I knew it was coming 2) the striped bibs she was wearing were hot… especially with the shirt on underneath and not much else from what I could tell and lastly) I’m not a tiny guy, played hockey in my past and knew how to take a hit, but in this case, taking a hit meant catching her so she didn’t fall down after running into her.

After enduring the chaos there, I finally departed about midnight and headed up to the The Dane to meet up with Sandy, Teri, Libby, Scotty, Beth and Sandy’s friend from Florida, Mark. Had some drinks and then we hit up Mike’s Horseshoe Inn near Sandy’s house. It was a little hole in the wall bar and had some great prices and a Patrone Margarita on the Rocks that can kick your ass. Finally, we ended up at Sandy’s for an after bar for a final beer before heading home… crawled into bed at 415am… way too late.

Sunday, watched the Packers blank the Vikings… which was awesome. 7 called during the game asked if I wanted to go the Badger B-Ball game… so we watched them struggle early before dominating IPFW.

Finally, found this video on the net over on BareFootSki Dot Com… guy put together what amounts to a remote control for his Sea-Doo and now he can barefoot and ski solo. No driver or spotter required. Not completely safe or legal, but I still want one.

And finally, finally, a word from Carl about the BCS. Just an FYI… he’s none to happy with the Giants either.

Carl on the BCS

I’ll have my own words on the BCS in the next couple days.
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How ’bout them Packers?

There were a couple comments this week about Brett’s arm strength having disappeared after he under threw a couple people last week. Before the game he met with Jaws on the field at the 50 yard line. Jaws asked about his arm. He pointed to a pylon in the end zone and hit it with a 50 yard laser. Jaws didn’t see any issues with his arm strength.

During the game, I think he put that question to rest for all of eternity with the world as his stage. Or at least the rest of the season. He can still throw the deep ball.

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OK Peeps…

Yes, the skiing posts have dwindled as of late… so has my skiing, it is fall in Wisconsin… but…

I’ve been working diligently the last couple weeks on Mad-City’s highlight video, which is now pretty much done since it was shown at our banquet on Friday night. There are a couple minor things that need to be cleaned up and a couple final details I need to complete before I’ll say it is done done, but that shouldn’t take much. Look for the highlight video to make it’s web debut in a week or two. It’ll show up here first and then ever so slightly later, it’ll be on the ski team’s website.

What this means, is there are some jumping crash videos (of me and other people), a variety of pictures and other stuff that need posting (my life hasn’t been standing still) and that’ll happen soon… this week to be exact. I’ve etched that in pixels so now it has to be done. The only way this won’t get done is if the weather turns nice enough that I’m too busy on the water to get it done.

Plus my week started off slightly better… my Packers won (it wasn’t pretty though) but my Badger’s lost… well not completely… football lost, hockey split and women’s hockey just keeps winning… an NCAA record 32 in a row that they haven’t lost to be exact. Check back for a skiing update soon…

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In Favre We Trust…

I don’t need to write anything other than go read this post on KSK. Here is just a little bit of it:

The amendment requires all working quarterbacks in the United States to be more rugged and rascally, with a twinkle in each eye and a song in their hearts. It also establishes throwing a shovel pass across the field off your back foot to an opposing linebacker as the national “football move.” Furthermore, it designates Kiln, Miss. as a National Historic Landmark for Quarterbacking, rather than for general squalor.
KSK Favre Amendment

On a more serious note, turns out Congress really is going to honor #4, they’ve passed House Resolution 697.

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Favre Celebrations

A couple notes about the Packers at Vikings game from yesterday…

My thought after the punter Jon Ryan ran for the first down on the fake punt… He’s probably thinking to himself I’m never doing that again.

Then today I read somewhere that it actually was a called fake punt but was called off (via an audible) because of the Vikings’ alignment. The funny part is Ryan, the punter, who was going to run the fake punt, and the most important person that needs to hear the audible, never heard the audible so he ran the fake punt anyways. Everyone else on the Packers’ side of the field thought it was a real punt… until he took off running. This is great!

Saw this on the web today and it made me laugh out loud…

In celebration, Favre picks Jennings up over his shoulders. If Favre ever tries this on one of those tackle-eligible TD passes, he’s going to end his career.
The Mighty MJD on Deadspin

It just be interesting to see him pick up a tight end to celebrate…

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Is Favre Still Washed Up?

I don’t think so. First rushing TD in a very long time (12 years?), first Lambeau Leap ever, efficient passing, 1 yard bullet for a TD. Doubled up on Leinert’s passing rating.

To complement Favre, 2 100 yard rushers. Packers put together a pretty complete game. O-Line looked good.

Mr. Shanoff, I know you hate Favre, but he still has it and I’m waiting for you to admit it. Yes, he isn’t the same as in his glory days, but guess what… he still has it.

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