The Pretzel and I

For those of you that know me, you know I snack on pretzels… a lot. For those that work with me, you see me eating them at lunch, nearly every day. They are my favorite store bought snack that don’t need any preparation… right after Cheeto’s (which I just don’t by for myself anymore… I always eat the whole bag no matter the size of the bag.)

So my snack pecking order goes like this:

  • Cheeto’s
  • Popcorn (this typically needs to be popped and have butter added)
  • Pretzels
  • Pringles

Yes, that is the extent of snack food that I eat. No chips and salsa, no potato chips. Nada. I guess you could add the occasional cracker (Ritz or Saltine, but not very often).

So, as you can guess, I eat a lot of pretzels. But my love of them is just as a snack to go with a Pepsi. This person has a much deeper love of pretzels. Almost disturbing how much she knows about them.

Random quiz… who knows the song name I’m alluding to in this post title? Tell me the name of the song, the artist and what show it is from. Here’s your hint… think [adult swim]!

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Quiz #1 – TV Quotes

OK Peeps,

First off, the rules… no cheating by using Google or anything like that to search for where these quotes are from. You need to do this the old fashion way… use your brain. Next up, that’s the only rule. Finally, there is no prize, other than your personally pride. How do you enter? Just come to this post on the my blog site and make a comment. If this works, I may do some other quizzes.

Here are the quotes… They are from the same series.

“I learned how to handle delicate social situations from a little show called 3’s Company.”

“I never thought I’d escape with my doodle, but I pulled it out.”

“Normally Healthy Baby, Super-Size it for 49ยข!”

Is anyone up for the challenge?

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