The Bourne Ultimatum

Wow. That was my initial reaction while watching this movie. It starts off fast and just keeps going. Damon reprises his role in what I think is his best character and Julia Stiles comes along for the ride again.

The director, Paul Greengrass, knows how to make an action/thriller movie. At times, it is almost a little Blair Which like with the shaky camera runs through the street, but overall, this guy should be directing all action/thriller movies.

The movie doesn’t need to rely on any crazy plot twist or other gotcha’s to keep the audience interested, it is just a relatively straight forward plot that is action packed. Not too long, not too short. It just keeps moving along.

If you enjoy a good action movie, check out this movie.

BTW… for those that know me, my popcorn didn’t survive through the pedestrian chase.

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6 thoughts on “The Bourne Ultimatum

  1. Ugh.Paul Greengrass is one of the worst directors in the history of the world and time. He’s singlehandedly trying to ruin all future movies forever.I hate him with fire and hate. And Fire.The Bourne Ultimatum is probably a very entertaining movie DESPITE him, not because of him.-Al


  2. I don’t know. He did Bourne 2 as well, which I also liked, but I did notice there was toooo much Blair Witch going in that one. I think he did a much better job with this one. Yes he had a good story and good actors, but he told the story well. I’ve only knowingly watched 2 of his movies though.


  3. Watch some of the behind the scenes stuff on the Bourne 2 DVD to see his “style” of “directing”. Personally I think in many cases, once you make the decision to go handheld (which he overuses) you or I could pretty much could have directed it as well.I think if you read some of the negative comments in his IMDb profile it pretty much summarizes how I feel about the guy.-Al


  4. I don’t think I have any of the Bourne’s on DVD… only seen them in the theater.I know about the hand held, and I agree he used it too much in 2, but I think he did a better job balancing that with traditional camera work in 3.I think hand held does help create a frantic feeling. The pedestrian chase scene makes great use of this I think.


  5. I’ll have to watch it.Right now I use Alfonso Cuarón’s work in Children of Men as the gold standard of handheld. He used it sparingly and effectively (with one minor exception). That was Brilliant.Paul Greengrass = hack…at least by comparison, and the biggest thing is I still don’t think he should direct every action thriller.-Al


  6. I saw Children of Men, but I would say I liked TBU better, but they are different styles of movies. We’ve agreed on one thing though, you do need to see this movie. I did see United 93 which Paul Greengrass also directed and liked that as well. That is a hard movie to watch though.


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