Badger Hockey

Finally got to see the end of the triple OT game from yesterday. Wow, what a goal. The announcer’s had a good line just before the goal… they commented about the two players who took the coincidental roughing penalties. And this is after 110 minutes of hockey, nearly two games, and the players are getting tired.

“The rest of the players might figure it out… hey, if we can take coincidental roughing minors, we’ll at least get a two minute break in the box.”

I couldn’t help but to laugh at that one.

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Inside Job

Another Monday, another movie. This week I caught Inside Job. This was a thinking man’s movie. You go in, knowing it’s a puzzle and you’re trying to figure it out before they show you the whole story. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit, but I know that not everyone will see it the same way. Denzel did a great job with his role, but I’m not sure if his suit really fit the role of a New York city detective. Looked more like something you’d see Horatio wear in CSI: Miami. It was nice to see a movie that isn’t your typical movie with a real straight forward plot.

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37 Degree Water

Today was the day. Boat was already to go, sun was shining, temperature was a balmy 48 degrees and the wind was calm. Everything that makes for a beautiful day in March.

So this afternoon I headed to the lake with Bugsy, Adam and Holly in tow, ready to hit the water. I was pleasantly surprised that there was a dock already in the water, it makes it much easier to launch the boat when the water is cold.

And cold it was, a brisk 37 degrees. I suited up in my wetsuit, heater shirt, sweat pant and shirt and a dry suit on top of all of that. Since I was the fool that managed to convince Bugsy and Adam to go skiing in March, I decided to set the example and went first.
Now one would think that getting into the water when it is that cold would be difficult. It’s actually not to bad. You just ease yourself in, making sure to keep your head dry. You sit and float with head, feet and hands sticking up above the water, trying to keep them warm. Finally, the rope comes tight, I yell “Giddy up” and the boat takes off. This is where it really starts to get cold. The ice cold spray has now completely coated my face and I plant my feet and stand up. Now, the spray is out of my face, but my wet face is in the air in the 42 MPH wind. That is the coldest part. Wind-chill. It sucks. Then when you’re done and back in the water, your hands and feet start to go numb as you make your way back to the boat. Although there is something to look forward to in the boat. A cooler full of hot water to stick your hands feet in.

Needless to say, I got up, first attempt, and had a decent first run of the year. Had a decent one-foot, albeit a brief one, during the run. Well worth the effort.

And in case you didn’t realize, 37 degree water is cold. And I managed to beat last year when I waited until April 2nd to hit the water.

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45 & Sunny

…sounds promising for Sunday. I guess that’s all we’re gonna get in Wisconsin in March. Here’s to hoping my dry suit has no leaks.

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So Who Isn’t Paying Their Heat Bill?

I’m officially ready for summer to start. Spring is here, birds are back, blue sky’s seem to dominate the weather lately, snow is pretty much gone (for now), and (most importantly) the lake has finally thawed. But it just isn’t that warm yet. Now I’m not looking for 80 degree days (yet), but I’d be happy with some days in the upper 40s and maybe even some 50s.

Thursday night’s project will be to get my boat put back together. Charge the battery and install it, assemble the water pump, tighten the belts, and put all the engine drain plugs back in place. I’ll also check my dry suit, make sure all the seals are good.

And come Sunday, if the weather puts forth a little effort and attempts to cooperate, I’ll hopefully be taking my first sets of the year.

Now everyone needs to get their heat bill paid up so mother nature turns the heat back on. And think warm thoughts.

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V for Vendetta

So last night I watched V for Vendetta over on the local IMAX. Movies that come out in March always make me wonder just a little bit. Typically, there are some really good movies that come out over Christmas and then it kinda dies down a little bit until the summer season starts in mid to late April. Usually, everything in between is a little questionable. Studios typically use this time to dump some bad movies or release ones originally set for summer they just aren’t real confident in.

V, however, was a movie worth watching, especially on the IMAX. I had seen Goblet on the IMAX and it didn’t make much of difference to me. But with this one, wow. The best part… the movie itself is good too.

Based on the handful of commercials I had kinda half seen (I try to not pay too much attention to movie ads because they sometimes ruin the movie), I went in expected an action movie. In that I was disappointed. An action movie it is not.

It starts off with a bang, and on the giant IMAX screen it makes for a pretty big bang. But from there is turns into more of a thinking man’s movie. They tell a story that kept me entertained, waiting to find out what would happen next, even though, in the end I knew what was going to happen, but I still wanted to see how we got there.

Surprisingly, Natalie Portman even got to do some acting in this movie, which is a change from her performance in the Star Wars prequels. She showed just a little rust, but delivered a believable character.

I’ve since added the comic to my with list over at Amazon because I’m very curious to read the original story to see just how true they stayed to the story.

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Deep Sea

So last Monday I went to watch the new movie over on our local IMAX screen, Deep Sea 3-D. Once again I was pretty impressed. The movie itself was pretty typical for a nature movie, pretty much the same thing you’d see on the Discovery Channel or National Geographic. However, seeing it on a gigantic screen and in 3-D, makes it completely worth it.
Next up, V for Vendetta.

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Gamil Ads…

Every once in a while the Google Ads I see in gmail are just a little bit funny. Today, while reading my Onion Daily Dispatch, there was a stock tip with the following in it “Analysts are bullish on this maker of fun, edible wigs for children undergoing chemotherapy following reports of a radiation leak at New York’s Indian Point nuclear facility.” The ads on the side of my email window were for:

“Chernobyl! Do we really want more nuclear power plants?” which was an ad for Greenpeace.

Another ad to find out all about nuclear reactors.

Finally, a spot where I could find out all about the leading provider of coal.

Some rather serious and interesting ads to put next to the Onion news. This provided a nice little bit of entertainment today.

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16 Blocks

Another day, another movie. OK, that is overkill, I don’t see that many movies, but I did see another movie tonight. I watched the new Bruce Willis/Mos Def movie 16 Blocks.

I actually liked this movie quiet a bit. I walked away from feeling a little bit like when I left Crash, the feeling of having just watched a good movie. Neither of these movies are what one would call a popcorn flick (ie a movie that you go to be purely entertained), but I’m not really sure how’d I classify them. Probably as a thriller, but that doesn’t even really ring true for me. 16 Blocks is also similar to Training Day. More of a gritty, this is the life of a cop movie.

Willis seems to have a knack for nailing the portrayal of a down and out cop. He pulled it off nicely in the Die Hard’s and he does another excellent rendition here as well. Mos Def does a great job playing the criminal being taken to the grand jury as well. I first really recognized him in The Hitchkiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and he’s playing someone completely different here.

There are going to be people that don’t care for this movie. It isn’t a Die Hard. These are the same people that probably didn’t like Training Day or Crash. I thought those were both great movies and this one is too.

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What I Learned at Think Tank

Overheard in the bar on Saturday night…

“If you are going to jump over a fire, be sure to get a running start.”

I’ve never had the urge to jump over a fire (yet) but if I ever do, I’ll be sure to keep this in mind.

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