She’s a Believer…

…and all of us over the age of 12 are now officially depressed.   Who are we talking about and why?  We are talking of one Georgia Groen, age 12, of the New Zealand Barefoot Team.  At the wee age of 12, she’s already competing internationally.  She just took part in Junior Worlds and her trick run was good enough to place 6th in tricks.  She was also just named the BFC Footer of the Month for February 2009

Now you might be wondering why that makes us over the age of 12 depressed?  Well, just take a look at the BFC video that they released showing her barefoot tricks.  She’s already jumping out of boats and doing side slides.   Enough with build up now and on to the video…

You can find the video on Barefoot Central’s video page here.  It’s called “I’m a Believer”.


Another Chetek Video

I’d start off by saying the Chetek Boys (link to their first video) have gone to far with their latest video that shows them watching Chetek Girls video that was done, but I don’t think I can in good concious say that.  I can’t say it because they make good videos.

First, the video quality is great.  The production quality is great too.  They take time editting their videos together and put a good soundtrack on them.  Finally, the footing video is outstanding.  Now, they aren’t doing tricks like the DV boys, but good solid footing, a couple good comments here and there and they usually have a nice little crash sequence.  All elements of a good footing video, at least in my opinion.

In their latest video, 2 of the Chetek Boys take “Keith” out for some barefooting on November 1st.  For those that don’t know, Chetek is is northern Wisconsin.  On November 1st, it’s cold, and the water is cold even in southern Wisconsin.  Toss in the fact that it didn’t look like a bright and sunny day and you have a very brisk footing set.  And they have fun doing it.

Enough commentary, here’s the video that they submitted to BFC for the Show Ski Challenge.  That makes 3 entries for Chetek by my count.

You can find their video on BFC Show Ski Challenge Page here.  It’s titled “Fake It”.

One last thing, stick around to the very end.  One of them makes a funny comment after a  bad fall.

Worlds Summary from BFC

Chuck from BFC posted a nice summary of what’s been happening so far here (link). There are some details on Andre’s knee injury and the fact that he footed again after it occured.  Overall, it’s a good summary of what’s happened so far and what we’re waiting on to find out.

Men’s Open will be decided on Sunday (that’d be Saturday sometime for those of in America).  As stated before, KSO is in the lead, but Sam is still within striking distance and will need to set personal bests in tricks and jumps to take the lead.

Overall, a very good update.  Wish we could have updates like that all week.

World Results So Far…

Current standings So Far

My understanding is this is the standings as they head into the final round.  First two rounds are complete, one to go.

Men’s Open Standings…

  1. KSO – in the drivers seat
  2. SAMS – needs to trick 12000+ and improve his slalom score for a win
  3. ANDRE – injured is knee, people think its the MCL, still going to try and jump in the finals
  5. ZANE

Open Team Results

  1. USA
  2. South Africa
  3. Australia

Junior Team Results

  1. South Africa
  2. Australia
  3. USA

Senior Team Results

  1. USA
  2. Australia
  3. Canada

Finally, BFC has posted video footage of the Semi Final of Men’s Jump.  Here’s the link.  I’ll be watching this when I get home tonight.

Heinrich Lets Loose

Heinrich Sam, a young and very talented barefooter from South Africa, took a footing set with Andre to try a little free style barefooting.

It starts off with what is probably a typical Heinrich pass.  For those that don’t know, he’s a pretty good barefooter of some reknown.  At the ripe old age of 17, he has already set some European Junior and Open trick records.  The kicker is he is just as good as barefooter now, if not better, after he has survived a bout with cancer.

After his initial trick run to warm up, he lines up next to the boat to try some freestyle.  His freestyle isn’t as polished as Andre’s yet, but I’m sure it’ll get there soon.  Enjoy the video from BFC…

You can find the video on BFC’s South African Barefoot scene page here.  In the video section on that page, it is called “Heinrich shows his Freestyle Talent”.

This video does come with a little warning.  They do a boat to boat exchange of footers on the boom.  Please don’t try this without excellent drivers and some serious confidence in the other footer’s ability.  The results could be bad without 4 very competent people (2 drivers and 2 footers).  Be sure to be comfortable with all 4 peoples’ skill level for that trick.

BTW, be sure to watch till the very end.  Heinrich tries some overhead 3’s on the boom.  Fun to watch, looks like it might hurt, but he bounces right back up… literally.

And They Do Fall Down…

Back in the beginning of October, the following question was posed on the BFC forums:

These guys (the De Villiers brothers) are always trying new things so there would have to be some great spills.  How about a video of that?  It would just be nice to see a human side to these guys?

Well, it appears that Chuck has changed his mind.  On the eve of the election, this new video came up on the website. 

You can find the video on BFC’s Video page here.  It’s titled “I Fell Down”.

Chuck’s rational for not showing the wipeouts is that he’s trying to encourage people to barefoot and doesn’t want to show the painful side of it.  But guess what, unfortunately pain is a part of the sport of barefooting. It doesn’t need to be a big part of it, but even people that are learning the basics, they want to see that even the great footers fall down and go boom when they are trying new things.  Plus, if they don’t see the pros struggling to learn new things, new people can become frustrated when they don’t get it as quick as these guys do.

So thank you for the video of the wipeouts, even if they do just tumble up about half the time, which is really just sickening.

BTW, no I did not start that thread.

All My Life

Can’t say I’ve been waiting all my life for this video.  This is an older KSO video again.  Nothing really special about other than some very clean tricks barefooting.  Not gonna say a whole lot more cause there isn’t much more to see…

You can find this video on BFC’s Video page here.  The video is titled “All My Life” and the link for it is near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)

Did someone turn up the heat?

One more classic video to share from KSO.  Circa 2003, this video originally appeared over on BFC. Besides some barefoot horseplay, it features someone wearing a great white bikini, better yet, it’s someone that should be wearing a bikini.  The kicker is she does a deep water start in it… and nothing else.

Sadly, here in the land of cheese (aka Wisconsin) we no longer experience the weather that encourages people to worship the sun in bikinis. We’re now in jeans, long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts and jackets.  We’re bundling up as winter approaches, so this video brings fond memory of summer days on the lake.

Beside the bikini clad female, you see KSO and someone else doing some tricks on the boom, that although now they seem almost common, I think they are probably some of the earliest people to try some of them.

Enjoy the footing, enjoy the tricks and enjoy the white bikini…

You can find the video on BFC’s video page here.  The video is titled “Hot in Here Video” and the link for it is near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)

More Old School… Cowboy Up!

Here’s another old video from KSO from BFC.  Little grainy, but there is some helmet cam, yes I said helmet cam, footage of him hitting the ramp.  For most us, that’s a new perspective.  There’s also a lot of shaky cam to endure, but enjoy…

You can find this video on BFC’s video page here.  The video is titled “I Wanna Be a Cowboy Video” and you can find it near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)

Let’s Go Classic… Magic Carpet Riding with KSO

The “classic” BFC video features Keith St. Onge, who has won numerous national overall barefoot championships, a world championship and a Footstock championship.  He’s an all around excellent techinical barefoot.

It features a classic song, lots of thumbs up poses, and some funny camera angles,  Enjoy…

You can find this video on BFC’s video page here.  The video is titled “Magic Carpet Ride Video” and the link is near the bottom of the page (it is just a text link.)