Chetek Barefoot Boys Try to Match the Ladies

I guess the guys of the Chetke Hydroflites needed to try and match the ladies.  As I posted yesterday, the ladies turned in a very good video for BFC’s show ski challenge.  Great footing, well editted, and just enough of a theme to match the music.

The guys footing video… well its mostly a collection of footing from their shows so there are a lot of barefoot lines which makes for a fair number of crashes. They also have a little dude that foots.  At one point during the video the little dude tries a two ski bomb out, doesn’t quiet make, but holds on trying to do a tumble up.  Watch for the little dude’s footage… it great.

The guys also put together a good sequence of crashes for the end of the video, so be sure to watch it all the way through.  They very likely endured a lot of headaches making those crash videos, the least that we can do is enjoy watching them.

Chetek Guys Barefoot Team

Chetek Barefoot Girls Make Bad Girlfriends…

…they go footing without you.

But seriously, there is some pretty good footing in here.  The ladies of Chetek put together a hell of video for Chuck’s Show Ski Challenge.  It features some footing from the Chetek Hydroflite Ski Shows and some other footage of them just out having fun footing.  Lauren, Kelly, Kelsey and Nina do some nice footing here.

And they even have the token bikini footing shot that features a face plant.

Check it out…

Bad Girlfriend on BFC

And There Will Be Pain

Jonesy from Toes Up put together a video of some of his barefoot jumping.  I’m not sure if this is jumping prior to Nationals, from Nationals, or after Nationals, but it is a lot of barefoot jumping.

For those of you not familiar, barefoot jumping is the sport of skimming across the water on your barefeet at speeds around 40 to 45 MPH.  Then you hit a ramp about 18 inches high and attempt to go as far as possible in the air and barefoot away.  When done right, it looks really cool.  When done wrong, it makes for great crashes that all look painful.  Both of these, the done right and the done wrong, are great fun to watch.

I’m thinking Jonesy was probably walking around like an old man after this experience and some people game him some grief.  Instead of trying to explain, he made a video to explain his situation.  Enjoy.

Why My Body Hurts

Just a a warning.  The video is pretty large so I’m not sure how well the embed player will work.  I’ve put a link to the video underneath it that you can easily use to save it and then play it on your own computer.

US & Canadian Nationals Results

Whie looking at BFC I saw that they had posted an article about the Canadian Barefoot Nationals that took place August 21st to 24th.  The article was well done and highlighted the notably portiions of the event, including the 15 foot flyer done by the 65 year young Ross Holden.  For the full results, I’ve tracked down the posted results from the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Website (that name just doesn’t roll of the tongue.)

It got me thinking that I haven’t heard anything about the US Nationals that took place August 12th to 16th. I scoured the BFC website looking for details and came up empty.  I then began looking across the inter web and found the results on the American Barefoot Club’s site.  Not a whole lot of details about how things went, but they have all the results.  Here’s the link for the recap.  I’ve also opted to include the article below, because I wasn’t able to find a direct link to it and it may eventually disappear.
Lake Elmo Sports Barefoot National Championships Begin

The US Barefoot National Championship began Wednesday August 13th at the “Blue Moo.”  This beautiful site is found just outside of Black River Falls, Wisconsin , Wisconsin and being donated to the event by the Blake Heller Family.   The Final Overall Results features skier from the very youngest to the very senior such as Jim Boyette and John McDonald. For the individual events use the following links:

Tradition at this event, has every skier randomly assigned to a barefoot teams.  There will be either 9 or 10 skiers on each team.  The teams are then auctioned off with have of the money being paid out in prize money and the other half will support the US Barefoot Teams attending the World Championships in January.  Scoring for the team is the similar to the World Championships.  Each team member’s overall score (from each event) is used in the scoring.  The top 5 scores from each event are included in the overall for each team.  This is a lot of fun because a Junior skier can be just as (or more) important than the World Champion Keith StOnge.

Asking for Stories…

Hello Readers!  if you’ve read the “What Is…” link at the top, you’d have read that I’m trying to make this into a barefooting community.  I want to make it more than I sight where I watch barefooting videos I find and then write about them.

I’m looking for stories from you, the readers, about funny things that happended while you were footing, or that first time you nailed a trick.  If you’ve got pictures or videos, send those a long as well.

Likewise, if you’re attending a barefoot event of some sort (a figure 8 tournament, barefoot race, 3-event tourny, etc) send in a little recap of the event and share it with the world.

Also, I’ve add a forum for everyone to discuss barefooting related stuff.


The Forums Are Now Open

I just wanted to let the world know that Tales from the Foot now has it own discussion forums.  They are still a little bit of work in progress, but they are up and running.  Over the next few weeks, the look of them will change a little bit as I learn more about the forum software.  

For now, you can get to them with the link on the left, or at the top of the screen.  Both are working.

Random Footers

There are more than professionals and national chmapions that barefoot, here’s the first video that showed up in a generic web search for barefoot water ski videos.  No idea who the footers are, no idea where it’s shot, but just some good footing and some good falls.  This family is going to have some good home videos to watch in the future if this what all their footage looks like…


The Mad-City 2008 National Recap is Online

I just finished posting Mad-City’s National Recap over on the Mad-City website.  Once again, it features a highlight clip.  Here’s the link. If you don’t want to read the whole recap and just want to see the video, here it is…

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

New Tricks for the WBC… Take 2

Once again, there is a video on BFC to get new tricks approved.  I’m not sure I understand what they are trying to accomplish.  As I mentioned before, it sounds like the tricks need to be submitted to the WBC, not just posted online, crossing your fingers, hoping that the council will find it.  It was also requested that the video show the tricks long line and this one spends the better half of the video showing them on the shortline on the boom.  If the De Villiers really want their new tricks approved, I (personally) don’t think they are going about it in the right way.

Here’s the video, judge for yourself…

Overhead 360 [BFC video]

Good Times!!!

No, I’m not talking about the TV show, I’m talking about what happens when you head out in the boat with a group of friends to ski, drink, relax and generally have a good time.

Well, I’ve posted lots of videos of people doing sick tricks.  Here’s a great video of people that do these sick tricks, but instead of just doing those, they are just have a hell of good time.  Not a whole lot new here in turns of tricks and barefooting accomplishments, but there is some awesome footing, girls in bikinis, girls in bikinis barefooting and some more.  Enjoy the video, because it looks like they had a hell of a good time making it.

KSO & Friends

You can find this video, put together by, and others, over on KSO’s website.