For those that don’t know, Grindhouse is really two movies. It is a double feature. Apparently some people don’t know because they are leaving after just one movie.

As a whole, Grindhouse is great. You get a very well done zombie type movie and an even better slasher picture that is just a little different from the average slasher picture. Rodriguez and Tarintino do a very good job with homage to the grindhouse movie. It is more than just two movies though, it is an entire experience. It starts with some made up previews for movies that would be fun to see. Previews of the same type that drew me to Grindhouse. Between the movies in this double feature there are some more previews that are just as good. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll pick two of these previews to make into actual movies to make a Grindhouse 2? The movie was also aged to make it look like the prints have been used and abused. The brand new prints I watched showed their digital age. It really added to the experience. The funny part is to go along with the really old looking prints, you have just about impeccable surround sound, current high tech gadgets in the movie and fairly well done effects. It makes for quite a contrast.

The first movie of the two is Planet Terror. Is this movie anything special, going to win any awards, be critically acclaimed in any shape or fashion? No. But it is a “zombie” movie and in that it is very is entertaining. I laughed and throughly enjoyed it. You have the local sheriff who seems to have a grudge against someone for no good reason, the scary looking restaurant, feuding family members, and characters that just don’t seem to get it that they are in a zombie movie. Plus, once Cherry, played by Rose McGowan, has her peg leg replaced with a gun, the action, which was already good, gets even better. It isn’t just for looks, she makes excellent use of it. Still not entirely sure what triggered the gun to fire because she wasn’t pulling the trigger, but I really don’t care. You watch the movie and are entertained. The movie was a lot of fun to watch.

The second movie, Death Proof, is a different type of slasher movie. As most reviewers have already given away in their reviews, the slasher doesn’t use knives, he uses his car. And in one of his stalkings, he bites of just a bit more than he can chew. The movie starts with a disclaimer… it may be missing one or more reels. It starts off a bit slow, girls on a night out. Most of the conversation is a bit inane, but you really get to know the characters through their conversation. I believe I picked just about the worst spot to go to the bath room because when I came back it was a completely different movie. I’m guessing that is where the lost reels were. But then the movie really took off. I’ll just say that I loved it. Very intense way to finish a movie.

Final verdict, I loved it and I know not everyone will. Some will hate it.

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