A New Holiday Classic

No, this isn’t water skiing related, but it is a relatively new Christmas. This dates back all the to 2005 when Carson Williams put together this little light show for his neighborhood.  I’m not sure if it was that year or next, but Miller picked it up for their holiday beer advertising.  Then the following year they tried to create their own, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the original.

Without further adoo, here is the original Symphony in Lights featuring the Wizards in Winter by TSO…
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Club Foot Montage

Once again a video that has nothing to do with BFC or any famous barefooter.  This one was evidently put together by a Michigan barefoot club called Club Foot Barefoot Water Ski Team.  A quick search of the my internet didn’t turn up anything current.

It’s a good montage video of the members footing.  Takes about 2 minutes to get started, but the editting of the footing footage was done very well.  And if Club Foot still exists, drop by and say hi.

I think a lot of the footage is late 90s so there is some great hair and wetsuits.  Enjoy… 

Club Foot Montage