To Catch A Toe…

So tonight I’m out footing on Lake Monona. Out on the big lake in front of the Monona Terrace instead of the bay. Cruising along on my barefeet, bouncing through the little mini-rollers (it was good water, but not great). And BAM, the toes on my right feet catch. Normally while footing, this results in a violent crash typically called a face plant. You go from 40+ MPH to 0 much too fast for it not to be violent. I’ve seen stars after a face plant many times. Not tonight though. Yea, my foot caught and was pushed back, then I kinda dragged it like one would drag a foot while do a hop dock. Then I calmly lift my foot out of the water, bring it back around, set it back down and just kept on going. Caught a toe and kept on going. It’d be neat if I had some picturs, but my camera doesn’t work so well at dusk. And it was at least dusk when this happened.

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Repeat Offender Serving 7 to 10 Minutes

Yet more proof that The Onion is America’s Finest News Source… “In this corner, you have plenty of time to think.” And there is more that is even better…

In other news, apparently, the next time I make my way to Boston, MA in the summer, I should be able to find some people to ski with. Seems there is a group of dedicated water skiers that formed the Dorchester Bay Club that like to ski in Boston Harbor on Wednesday night. And no, I’m not making this up. You can read the story here. I personally love the photo with the story. Dude looks like he is struggling to stay up on two. Love the enthusiasm to go skiing there.

I’ve found the TV that I want to have at my house. Notice I didn’t say in my house. I don’t think it’d fit. This TV measures 134 by 55. And those measurements are in feet. I could set it up in my backyard, install a new giant picture window to watch it through. Pretty sweet. It is HD too! Comes with a stadium quality sound system and goes for a mere $8 million. Best part is, my yard is wide enough to hold it in the back. Not sure I could afford the electricity to run it though.

Finally, now that the Little League World Series is over and the NFL hasn’t quite started yet, if you are looking for something sports related to watch, check out the US Open. Yes, that is tennis I’m talking about. Looking for some reasons to watch, go here. You just might find yourself interested. In other news, I watched a total of about 5 innings of the LLWS and 1 quarter of preseason football (all of the football tonight). I’m still too busy skiing and partaking in sports to sit back and watch them.

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The Sports Guy on Beer, Brats and Favre

The sports guy, Bill Simmons, over at recently visited Wisconsin. For an entertaining read about an entertaining weekend, go check it out. He covers the Sausauge Race, Miller Park’s Special Sauce, Bizarro Laker Girls, the old Brewers Logo, the origination of tailgating, cheese, weather forecasting cows and much, much more.

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Snakes on a Plane

Walking into this movie, I wasn’t quite sure I was in the right theatre. I expected to see a theatre of late teens and twenty something’s, but there was a variety of people in there, older, younger, clean cut and otherwise.

This is another movie where my expectations were low going on. Surprisingly, there was a lot more story to the movie than I ever expected to see. Although, going for the low brow, cheesy not quite a horror flick with some action, they managed to hit the nail on the head. Even had a spot that made me jump.

There are way too many cheesy CGI snakes and snakes biting people in lots of strategic places that make you both grown and laugh. There is even a cute little dog to watch.

Without Mr. Jackson staring in the movie, it probably wouldn’t have been as entertaining. I kept waiting for him to bust out into his speech from Pulp Fiction (“If any of you mother fuckin’ [snakes] move, I’ll execute every mother fucking last one of ya!”) Either that, or see him whip out his light saber from his Mace Windu character and start slicing and dicing the snakes.

If you like the cheesy type of movie that this aims to be, you won’t be disappointed. If you aren’t in to the movies, you might as well wait for the DVD.

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Welcome to the South Harmon Insitute of Technology. Well, what can I say about this movie. First off, I’ll let everyone know my expectations were not high for this movie. I was just hoping for a simple, funny comedy. And that is what I got. Nothing special, but I was entertained for 90 minutes. I could tell while watching it that they filmed with the intention of releasing an unrated version when it comes out on DVD. It follows in the footsteps of American Pie and Revenge of the Nerds and all of the other knock offs, but in the end, it is entertaining. Well worth a watch when it comes out on video.

And for the Revenge of the Nerds fans, there is a remake due out in 2007.

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Leading Up to Electronic Warfare

Here are some more random stories collected from around the net… Enjoy!

In Favre We Trust. Somehow, this story at The Onion (which is America’s finest news source) just doesn’t seem to be too far fetched. I could see this happening.

Superman Wears Jack Bauer Pajamas. Jack Bauer shoots a guy in his leg to get him to talk, he talks. Then to get says, “This will help the pain” and smacks the guy over the head to make him pass out. While waiting of the next day to start, you can go here and get lots of random facts about Mr. Super CTU.

Double Up del Noche. Pro Wakeboard Tour will be taking the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee on Monday night. I’m tempted to wander over there. Interested, let me know. Drop a comment or shoot me an email if you know it. More details here.

Chuck Norris Bridge [update] A while back I posted about Hungary is having a contest to name a new bridge and Chuck Norris was in the lead. Well, since then, the current vote has changed. Check this out for more details. Turns out they like Comedy Central in Hungary as well. Now, Stephan Colbert has jumped into the lead since he pimped himself on his show. Want to go vote, the article has details on how you can help name a bridge that you’ll like never see.

Tom & Jerry. No not the drink, but the classic cartoon. Apparently, over in Europe they are not taking kindly to this old toon (and some others). Apparently, there are a handful of shorts that show smoking. And everyone knows that all kids do everything they see cartoon cat and mice do on TV. Supposedly, they are suppose to be censored and edited so they are not shown smoking, but they aren’t doing enough. Don’t believe me. Here is the real story. The links are a little funny. If they don’t work, goto and search for smoking in cartoons.

Electronic Warfare. Bullet Proof Jacket. Check. Helmet. Check. Rifle. Check. MP3 Player. Check. Yes, that could be a real checklist that someone about to march into battle may go through. Apparently, some people stationed in some hot areas have quite the collection of electronic gadgetry. Get the rest of the story here. [this is by no means meant to be anything negative about the troops. it is just an observation.]

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