The Forecast for Today

Truly, one of the wordiest forecasts I’ve seen on NOAA’s website. Here’s the weather for the rest of today and tomorrow…

Rest Of Today…Becoming windy and turning much colder. A period of rain…snow…sleet…or freezing rain early this afternoon…then snow. Snow may be heavy at times. A chance of thunderstorms. Widespread blowing snow this afternoon. New snow and sleet accumulation 2 to 3 inches. Temperatures falling to around 10 by late in the afternoon. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph increasing to 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 45 mph in the afternoon. Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.

Tonight…Bitterly cold. Much colder. Windy. Mostly cloudy with light snow likely in the evening…then partly cloudy after midnight. Blowing snow through the night. Snow accumulation around 1 inch. Total snow accumulation 3 to 4 inches. Lows around 8 below. West winds 15 to 30 mph with gusts to around 45 mph. Chance of snow 70 percent. Lowest wind chill readings 18 below to 28 below zero after midnight.

Wednesday…Bitterly cold. Much colder. Partly sunny. Areas of blowing snow in the morning. Highs around 10. West winds 5 to 20 mph with gusts to around 35 mph decreasing to 5 to 10 mph late in the afternoon. Lowest wind chill readings 18 below to 28 below zero in the morning.

In summary… 40 degrees this morning and, with wind chill, it’ll be 30 below tomorrow morning. Gotta love the 70 degree temperature swing in 1 day.

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News Flash!!!

In case you are wondering, in Wisconsin, in the month of January, when there is snow on the groud and ice on the river, the water is very cold.

This past weekend I played the role of an ice cube as I floated in the Rock River amonst the rest of the ice.

I just posted my “official” recap of Winter Waterland 2008 for Tales from the Foot. I’ll be posting a more light hearted one here in a couple days. I’m hoping to get some pictures from a few people first.

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Winter Waterland 2008 Recap

This past weekend I attended Winter Waterland hosted by the Rock Aqua Jay.  I’d like to congratulate and thank them for an excellent event.  Granted this event was barefoot specific, but it was the only event going on in the state of Wisconsin that would allow people to get some water time in the month of January.

Winter Waterland's Ski SiteGranted there is a fair amount of skiing going on in the state of Wisconsin right now, but most of it it taking place on hills… like Cascade, Devils Head or Tyrol Basin.  Some of the lakes are busy too… lots of ice shanties dot the landscape and snowmobiles cruise around the lakes.  Boats are typically no where to be scene.  But this past weekend, the worlds of boating, waterskiing and snow mobiling colided.

The scene was the Anchor Inn located in the booming metropolis of Newville, WI.  Located at the Highway 59 exit off of Interstate 90… the exit with McDonalds, Culvers and the big apple in the sky (really not sure what that is, but it’s there).  The crowd began to gather in the morning and registration was a bit frantic.  It was a perfect winter day for waterskiing and people wanted in on the event.  Mid 20s, overcast and snow falling with the occassional chuncks of ice floating down the river.

Once registration was complete they launched the boats and started crusing around the river a little bit to get them warmed up.  The only problem is, with the boats creating some waves, I think they broke some more ice free from up river and then ice starting flowing down the river in ernest.  About 45 minutes later, the flow of ice finally started to subside and the first skiiers, already suited up, began to get a little anxious.  People wanted to get on the water.

The first skier of the day was a little girl (didn’t catch her name) and took to the water on her swivel ski to the cheers of the crowd.  Subsequent skiers did the same… more swivelers, slalomers, trick skiers and what not.  Everyone had fun.  Some of the skiers, mainly the little ones and some the ladies were carried from the dock to the hot tub that was waiting to reheat everyone.

The drop skis... in the snow.As the skiing continued, the ice flow down the river continued to get less and less and finally the barefooters were allowed to hit the water.  Many people just did steps offs, while I was one of the first to do a deep water start, fulling taking the brunt of the cold water.  I won’t say my run impressed the world… it was short, through some rough water, ending with some face plants.  But it was fun at a cost of about $2/second for the run.  Still worth it.  As I made my way off the dock I ran into Ben from the Must-Skis.  I looked at him and mentioned that it was Miller Time now and he was nice enough to hand me his can of Miller Lite.  I handed it back to him empty a moment later.

Tommy and Chad from Beaverland really got their money’s worth.  They doubled up their runs… Tommy road along with Chad on his run and Chad road along with Tommy on his run.  So they each got two pulls.  They had some of the more successful barefoot runs of the day, with one of them even managing to throw a tumble turn.

Footing with snow and ice in the backgroundAs the skiing and barefooting wound down, the activity in the bar, the Anchor Inn, picked up.  People piled in , ordered food and drink and even some raffle tickets to help raise money for the Rock Aqua Jays.  The bar was busy, but dealt with the crush of people quickly.  I had some of their cheese curds, which were very good.

I had to leave a little early, really just as the party was getting started, to head to another event, but I’m sure the rest of the party was a good time.  Talking with Joel from the Aqua Jays, he mentioned that about 35 people or so took to the water.  Much props to the Rock Aqua Jays, Anchor Inn, Ski H20 and the rest of the sponsors for hosting a great event.

They did announce that this will become an annual event for the Jays that will take place the weekend before the Superbowl.  Looking forward to it 2009.

The Crazy Bikini Girls from Madison
The Bikini Girls from Madison… Heather, KTB and Anna

1 Month of Netflix…

…and 26 DVDs worth of movies and TV shows watched. Don’t think I’ll be able to maintain that pace, but I definitely got my money’s worth during my first month.

That was done using the 3-at-a-time plan with a small amount of watch instantly (4 DVDs worth of The Office.)

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Anybody know what this commerical means?

I watched this commercial and I’m trying to figure out the meaning? What do Kraft singles, pregnancy and babies have in common?

Some ideas that pop into my head…

  • Even krafty single women get knocked up?
  • If you eat cheese every day for nine months a baby will be born?
  • Recommending grilled cheese sandwiches as healthy food for pregnant women?

What do you think?

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Why So Quiet?

For those that don’t know, I live and work in Wisconsin so in the winter months, there isn’t much water skiing to do. Not that I’m not thinking about it, but the lakes are frozen. I like to say I’m hibernating in the winter to save up the energy to make it through summer… in the summer my life goes non-stop.

In the winter, I work, watch Packers and Badger football and basketball, watch some TV, make pizza and grill brats and dogs for my friends and basically thing about the upcoming summer. Just not a whole lot to write about that is skiing related. I put up a few sports related posts, but simply put, there are a whole lot of people out there writing about sports. This site doesn’t need to turn into another one. The movie reviews also fell by the wayside here. Didn’t seem to be a huge interest in them (let me know if I’m wrong.)

I did start up a new website though… Tales from the Foot. My goal is for it to become the destination on the web for barefooting news and stories. Granted, right now it is in the infant stages of development, but it’ll grow. Have a funny barefooting story or video, send it my way. Know how to describe the process of doing a front to back, I’ll post that type of stuff as well. I’m looking for all kinds of content for the new site.

The lack of water skiing related stories will change this weekend. As I mentioned earlier, there will be some water skiing in Wisconsin in January. and I’m going. Gonna fork over the $35, suit up in my dry suit and freeze my arse off in the wind chill (just like in the summer when we say ‘It isn’t the heat, it’s the humidity’, in the winter we can say ‘It’s not the cold, it’s the wind chill’). Even if the forecast is right and the air temperature is around 30 degrees, 30 degrees at 40 MPH is really cold… through some cold water on your face into the mix, and I don’t even want to think about it. But it is all in the name of fun. And fun is what I’ll have Saturday.

Be sure to check back next week for pictures of me out on the icy cold water.

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Winter Waterland on Jan 26, 2008

Where are people crazy enough to going skiing in the middle of winter? You say that question doesn’t make sense… Ok, let me clarify… where are people crazy enough to go WATER SKIING in the middle of winter? And by winter, I mean real winter like subfreezing temperatures, snow on the ground and frozen lakes.

You can find people crazy enough to do that in Wisconsin.  And this year there will be a convenient place to do that…

Winter Waterland is back.  After a year or two off (not sure exactly) it is back on 2008.  The place is the Anchor Inn located in the booming town of Newville, WI.  Not sure where that’s at?  Well, it is located between Madison and Janesville on Interstate 90.  You know that big bridge you drive over near the Highway 59.  That’s Newville.

The date is Saturday, January 26.  Check in is 10am and people will pretend to be ice cubes starting at 11am.

For more details, check out their website for more details and to register.  Don’t believe people are foolish, stupid, crazy enough to do this.  Here’s the video from 2004…

Winter Waterland 2004

Footing in a Show

One of my favorite and first memories about barefooting is from quite a while back, 1991 to be exact. I had learned how to barefoot earlier that summer and I was admittedly still a little rough around the edges when it came to my barefooting prowess. I was maybe 50/50 doing deeps in good water. My parents boat just didn’t have the power to pull me at barefooting speeds so I didn’t get many opportunities to go footing.

It was our last show of the season (Labor Day weekend) and in typically Law Park fashion, we were going to skiing our show in what would nearly be white caps. No one was jumping up and down saying I want to do the barefoot flyer off the dock. I said I’d do it, but was honest and said I might not make it with the water. We had a small contingent of skiers left so they decided to write me in to the spot.

Show time comes, I’m standing on the dock watching my rope feed out. It comes tight and I run off the dock throwing my feet in the air. I hit the water, the boat goes up to speed and plant my feet and manage to stand up, at least just a little bit, still buried in a ball of white spray. But I had stood up, barefooting, making it through the show course in the rough water before ending my run with a face plant at the other end of show course. This was the first time I had successfully barefooted in a show.

I swim in to the shore and crawl up the rocks the make up our shoreline, big smile on my face. The people sitting there on the shore all congratulated me in one way or another saying nice job, or what not. I may have only footed 20 feet after I stood up, but it was still a big rush.

– Story from Eric (aka Wedge) – Madison, WI

Carl on the Giants and Packers

Carl is not as pissed as usual, although he is still a little grumpy. He doesn’t like that he has to wear his Jessica Simpson wig for 3 more weeks. Hopefully he’ll be able to take it off after next Sunday. Anyways, enjoy his commentary on the Giants, Cowboys and Packers.

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Tales from the Foot

Thought I give a little shout out to a new little site I’m putting together called Tales from the Foot. I’m hoping it’ll eventually evolve into the destination on the web for barefooting. Schedules, news, stories, what ever. There really isn’t much there yet, but I’m working on it.

The name came up in my brainstorming for an unused URL. I wanted it to be somewhat barefoot related in the name and also evoke the idea of the stories that people tell each regarding their exploits on the water. First thing that came to mind was related to the Fish Tales people tell each other, but Foot Tales just didn’t do it for me. Same with Barefoot Tales and Foot Stories. I also wanted it to be somewhat original (no, I didn’t get inspired by the name Tales from the Crypt, at least not knowingly, but maybe that was in my head subconsciously). The goal is to have lots of stories out there, not just who won each tournament, but personal stories that are funny and or entertaining. Those stories that you share with your friends… here’s an example of a story that you would see out there, in addition to the tournament type stories.

There was this one time I tried a step off, hadn’t really made one yet and basically didn’t care for them that much. When my friends did them, we always spent way too much time looking for the ski later. Well, I decided to give it another whirl. I knew the process in my head, plant the foot, slowly transfer my weight to it and the step off the ski. Well, I guess I rushed it a little bit and face planted hard… not once, but three times. My face hit the water and then I kept spinning, saw the sky, hit the water again, saw something blue again, and then faceplanted a final time. I came up seeing stars, lots of them. I decided to call it a day. Luckily we didn’t have to spend anytime looking for the ski, it was just an arm’s length away from. And it was 3 years before I tried that again. Deep waters were much easier.

Bookmark it and stop by over the next couple weeks and watch it evolve. You should see things changing on it every couple of days for the next few weeks as I build the best barefoot website on the web.

Have ideas or suggestions? First give me a little time to get my ideas going out there. Come February, feel free to start sending them my way.

This site isn’t going anywhere. This will still be my personal blog.

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