Barefoot Worlds Coverage on Tales from the Foot

Barefoot Worlds are going on right now in New Zealand.  The best of best are over there tricking, slaloming and jumping.  KSO is trying to defend is title.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world, at least those of interested in barefooting, are curious to know what’s going on over there.  So far, there hasn’t been much, if any, official coverage, but I have managed to track down some sources to keep tabs on what’s happening.
Instead of having to scour the internet yourself looking for info, I’m doing that for you.  Just head over to my barefooting website Tales from the Foot.  That link will show you all the World’s Barefoot coverage that there is to know about so far.
While you’re there, feel free to browse around the whole site.
Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

Worlds Pictures – Day 3 has another 436 pictures up documenting day 3 of Worlds. Stuary Fafeita has been busy taking pcituresand putting them online, and once again, the pictures are pretty amazing.  I love the jump pictures since it is something I don’t see a lot, and when you do see it in a video, it is really quick.  With a picture you can really stop and stare at what that footer is going through and just imagine what is going through their head at that moment in time.

Here’s the link to the Day 3 Pictures.

One of the many awesome pictures from

I am going to offer one tiny point of criticism for Stuary.  I want more pictures of the jump landings.  There are lots of pictures of the people hitting the ramp, which are great.  I want more pictures of the landings.  I know I’m greedy.  I’m just thinking there’s got to be some good pictures of the landings.  Ones where they foot away… and ones where they don’t.  And I’m guessing some where we’d wonder how they footed away.

And yes, I saw the pictures of the Junior Jumps near the end where they landings are shown.  I want landings for the Open Divisions.  I’m thinking they gotta be good!

Another Worlds Update…

Found another blog posting updates titled Holtzy’s New Zealand Adventure.  It is more of blog about how he’s doing, probably for his friends back home, but I did come across this bit about the Men’s Open competition:

Unofficial, David Small jumped 26+ meters, Keith 24+ meters, Heinrich 24+ meters, Keith tricked 12,000+, Heinrich 11,000+, and David (with a fall) 7,000+.

Keith is leading (based on my unofficial data) Heinrich by about 150 overall points and David by 300 overall points. For Heinrick to pass Keith, he’ll need to simply increase his jump distance by a couple of meters. For David to win, he’ll need to get a trick pass of over 12,000 points, which he is capable of.

Also, while trolling the BFC Forum’s I came across this update from Chuck:

The big topic is Mens Open.  KSO tricked an amazing 12,450 (new pending WR) and waked 19.9 and jumped approx 26 meters.  Very impressive.  Heinrich is close in wakes 19.6 and 11,300 in tricks.  Keith has all the pressure off him and onto the others.

Looks like Men’s Open will be done to the wire.

Finally, Chuck has posted some pictures… some of them are of the score sheets.  You can find those here.

USA Water Ski’s Update on Worlds

Their update consisted of the fact that Worlds is going on right now in New Zealand.  I wish they would have tried to post an actual update on what’s going on over there.  You think there might be some sort of official update they could ask for?

It also has a nice list of all the people representing the USA.  Since I know their posts eventually dissapear off the internet (there doesn’t seem to be an archive) here’s the list of athletes from the USA per USA Water Ski:

Athletes and teams from more than a dozen countries are competing for world team titles and world individual titles in wake slalom, tricks, jumping and overall.

Members of the U.S. Elite Barefoot Team are: Ryan Boyd (Orlando, Fla.), Billy Brzozza (Coventry, R.I.), William Farrell (West Sacramento, Calif.), Elaine Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Keith St. Onge (Winter Haven, Fla.) and Laura Szwed (White Lake, Mich.).

Members of the U.S. Junior Barefoot Team are: Shannon Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Jacklyn Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.), Jamie Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.), A.J. Porecca (Willowbrook, Ill.) and Lisa Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.).

Members of the U.S. Veteran Barefoot Team are: Adin Daneker (Olympia, Wash.), Andrea Eggert (Smyrna, Ga.), Mike Salber (Clermont, Fla.), Heather Towers (Venetia, Pa.) and Kevin Towers (Venetia, Pa.).

In addition, several U.S. athletes are competing in the event as independents, including Danny Baumgartner (Hartland, Wis.), Thomas Gabey (Stockbridge, Ga.), Cody Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Mike Holt (Groveland, Fla.), Doug Jordan (Renton, Wash.), Scott Jones (Monona, Wis.), Jerry Kanawyer (Byron, Calif.), John Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), Liz Flaherty (Black Creek, Wis.), Chris Wakefield (Gainesville, Ga.), Tenley Cederstrand (Tacoma, Wash.), Teri Jones (Tucker, Ga.), Claudia Landon (Post Falls, Idaho), Ariana Koehler (Wauconda, Ill.), Kailey Koehler (Wauconda, Ill.) and Judy Myers (Yuma, Ariz.).

At the 2006 Worlds, the U.S. Elite and Senior teams each won overall team gold medals, the Junior team earned the overall silver medal, and 17 U.S. athletes earned individual medals in respective events.

I’ll continue scouring the net looking for up to date results.

Going for a Record… 122 Peoples, 1 Very Big Boat

I wrote about their attempt last year (someone from Tasmanina even stopped by in December 2008 to let me know about this upcoming attempt on Jan 31st.) Well they are going to try it again.  The Horsehead Water Ski Club in Tasmania is going to try to set a record.  Don’t know where that’s at?  Neither did I, so enter Google Maps, and you find out it’s here…

Still not sure where that’s at?  Well that “island” is off the southern tip of Australia. It is west of New Zealand, if that helps.  Here’s a link to the location in Google Maps.
Enough geography for today, back to the task at hand.  The World Record attempt.  The current World Record, at least according to this YouTube video, so it’s gotta be true, is 100 skiers.
Anyways, the Horsehead Water Ski Club is gonna try it again this year.  This weekend actually. They gonna try on Saturday, so that would be some time late on Friday here in the states if my international date line logic is current, but it could be wrong.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

Day 1 Slalom Results, Day 2 Pictures

A website has been found that is posting results from Worlds.  Sounds like it’s being done by someone on or affiliated with the Great Britain Barefoot Team.  Here’s the link.

You can view slalom results from Day 1 by following this link.  They’ve got the Top 5 for Mens & Womens Open listed and a bunch of videos.

In the Mens, KSO leads by hair over Small.  Stokes thinks that since Small was right with KSO on slalom, he might be able to win the overall championship now.  I guess we’ll all need to wait and see.

In the Womens, the Hellar girls are both in the top 5.  Elaine in 3rd and Shannon in 5th.

Meanwhile, over at, they have Day 2 Pictures going online.

KSO at the Moo

I decided to check KSO’s site to see if there was anything new there and was pleasantly surprised to find a video he put together from a trip he took to the Blue Moo.  He put together a nice little video to the tune of Kick Start My Heart by Motely Crue featuring some jump and footing tricks.  He’s currently competing over in New Zealand at Barefoot Worlds and I wish him the best of luck.  He’s one of the favorites favored to win it all and would cap of an extraordinary 2008 for him.   He won the US Barefooting Title and Footstock.  World’s would make it a trifecta.  Without further ado, here’s the video…

KSO Foot’n Fun (aka Blue Moo Challenge)

World Update Day 1

Opening Ceremonies and Day 1 I believe are both done.  So far, the only place to be giving relatively up to date updates is a photo website…

Team USA Marching in the Opening Ceremony

You can see a slide show of the entire Opening Ceremony here.

There are also some pretty awesome pictures of the first day of competition.  Here are a couple low res samples…

The agony of defeat…

And the thrill of victory?

No idea who either of the skiers are, but those are just a couple of the awesome pictures that have been posted for the first day.  You can view a slide show of all the photos here.

All of the pictures from here are from the website.  Be sure to go check them all out.The competitors are going to have some sweet pictures to remember their time at Worlds.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to hunt up some actual results.