Worlds Pictures – Day 3 has another 436 pictures up documenting day 3 of Worlds. Stuary Fafeita has been busy taking pcituresand putting them online, and once again, the pictures are pretty amazing.  I love the jump pictures since it is something I don’t see a lot, and when you do see it in a video, it is really quick.  With a picture you can really stop and stare at what that footer is going through and just imagine what is going through their head at that moment in time.

Here’s the link to the Day 3 Pictures.

One of the many awesome pictures from

I am going to offer one tiny point of criticism for Stuary.  I want more pictures of the jump landings.  There are lots of pictures of the people hitting the ramp, which are great.  I want more pictures of the landings.  I know I’m greedy.  I’m just thinking there’s got to be some good pictures of the landings.  Ones where they foot away… and ones where they don’t.  And I’m guessing some where we’d wonder how they footed away.

And yes, I saw the pictures of the Junior Jumps near the end where they landings are shown.  I want landings for the Open Divisions.  I’m thinking they gotta be good!

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