Another Worlds Update…

Found another blog posting updates titled Holtzy’s New Zealand Adventure.  It is more of blog about how he’s doing, probably for his friends back home, but I did come across this bit about the Men’s Open competition:

Unofficial, David Small jumped 26+ meters, Keith 24+ meters, Heinrich 24+ meters, Keith tricked 12,000+, Heinrich 11,000+, and David (with a fall) 7,000+.

Keith is leading (based on my unofficial data) Heinrich by about 150 overall points and David by 300 overall points. For Heinrick to pass Keith, he’ll need to simply increase his jump distance by a couple of meters. For David to win, he’ll need to get a trick pass of over 12,000 points, which he is capable of.

Also, while trolling the BFC Forum’s I came across this update from Chuck:

The big topic is Mens Open.  KSO tricked an amazing 12,450 (new pending WR) and waked 19.9 and jumped approx 26 meters.  Very impressive.  Heinrich is close in wakes 19.6 and 11,300 in tricks.  Keith has all the pressure off him and onto the others.

Looks like Men’s Open will be done to the wire.

Finally, Chuck has posted some pictures… some of them are of the score sheets.  You can find those here.

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