Going for a Record… 122 Peoples, 1 Very Big Boat

I wrote about their attempt last year (someone from Tasmanina even stopped by in December 2008 to let me know about this upcoming attempt on Jan 31st.) Well they are going to try it again.  The Horsehead Water Ski Club in Tasmania is going to try to set a record.  Don’t know where that’s at?  Neither did I, so enter Google Maps, and you find out it’s here…

Still not sure where that’s at?  Well that “island” is off the southern tip of Australia. It is west of New Zealand, if that helps.  Here’s a link to the location in Google Maps.
Enough geography for today, back to the task at hand.  The World Record attempt.  The current World Record, at least according to this YouTube video, so it’s gotta be true, is 100 skiers.
Anyways, the Horsehead Water Ski Club is gonna try it again this year.  This weekend actually. They gonna try on Saturday, so that would be some time late on Friday here in the states if my international date line logic is current, but it could be wrong.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

One thought on “Going for a Record… 122 Peoples, 1 Very Big Boat

  1. The 2009 attempt was unsuccessful although everyone had a great time.Watch this space for the next instalment.


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