USA Water Ski’s Update on Worlds

Their update consisted of the fact that Worlds is going on right now in New Zealand.  I wish they would have tried to post an actual update on what’s going on over there.  You think there might be some sort of official update they could ask for?

It also has a nice list of all the people representing the USA.  Since I know their posts eventually dissapear off the internet (there doesn’t seem to be an archive) here’s the list of athletes from the USA per USA Water Ski:

Athletes and teams from more than a dozen countries are competing for world team titles and world individual titles in wake slalom, tricks, jumping and overall.

Members of the U.S. Elite Barefoot Team are: Ryan Boyd (Orlando, Fla.), Billy Brzozza (Coventry, R.I.), William Farrell (West Sacramento, Calif.), Elaine Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Keith St. Onge (Winter Haven, Fla.) and Laura Szwed (White Lake, Mich.).

Members of the U.S. Junior Barefoot Team are: Shannon Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Jacklyn Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.), Jamie Kumlien (Janesville, Wis.), A.J. Porecca (Willowbrook, Ill.) and Lisa Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.).

Members of the U.S. Veteran Barefoot Team are: Adin Daneker (Olympia, Wash.), Andrea Eggert (Smyrna, Ga.), Mike Salber (Clermont, Fla.), Heather Towers (Venetia, Pa.) and Kevin Towers (Venetia, Pa.).

In addition, several U.S. athletes are competing in the event as independents, including Danny Baumgartner (Hartland, Wis.), Thomas Gabey (Stockbridge, Ga.), Cody Heller (Alma Center, Wis.), Mike Holt (Groveland, Fla.), Doug Jordan (Renton, Wash.), Scott Jones (Monona, Wis.), Jerry Kanawyer (Byron, Calif.), John Pressendo (Port St. Lucie, Fla.), Liz Flaherty (Black Creek, Wis.), Chris Wakefield (Gainesville, Ga.), Tenley Cederstrand (Tacoma, Wash.), Teri Jones (Tucker, Ga.), Claudia Landon (Post Falls, Idaho), Ariana Koehler (Wauconda, Ill.), Kailey Koehler (Wauconda, Ill.) and Judy Myers (Yuma, Ariz.).

At the 2006 Worlds, the U.S. Elite and Senior teams each won overall team gold medals, the Junior team earned the overall silver medal, and 17 U.S. athletes earned individual medals in respective events.

I’ll continue scouring the net looking for up to date results.

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