World Update Day 1

Opening Ceremonies and Day 1 I believe are both done.  So far, the only place to be giving relatively up to date updates is a photo website…

Team USA Marching in the Opening Ceremony

You can see a slide show of the entire Opening Ceremony here.

There are also some pretty awesome pictures of the first day of competition.  Here are a couple low res samples…

The agony of defeat…

And the thrill of victory?

No idea who either of the skiers are, but those are just a couple of the awesome pictures that have been posted for the first day.  You can view a slide show of all the photos here.

All of the pictures from here are from the website.  Be sure to go check them all out.The competitors are going to have some sweet pictures to remember their time at Worlds.

Meanwhile, I’ll try to hunt up some actual results.

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