Jumping in The Beav [Part 1]

Here are a few pictures of what is likely my last jump set of the year… I decided to do some ride overs since I haven’t skied a way in while because I’ve been trying helicopters off the ramp. Granted I’ve landed every one, but I have yet to ski away. Gravity pretty much ensures that I land every time. I figured the feeling of skiing away would be nice, plus, I need to get my jumping basics down again. I’ve become a little sloppy off the ramp.

Here’s the pictures…

In this one you can see I leave the ramp a little goofy… skied away though.

Here’s another one… little bit better in the air.

And the last jump of the day…

I tweaked my ankle earlier this summer and did again in this jump set so I kept the jump set short. Every landing was painful for my ankle.

I’ve got more pictures and video clips of everyone else coming soon. Some of them contain some pretty good wipe outs… Stay tuned.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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