And Now Back to Our Regular Broadcast Schedule…

OK, so my schedule is anything but regular… The computer is back together with a new hard drive, new operating system and a better backup plan… still re-organizing some stuff from before the crash, but basically, things are up and running again. Still trying to decide how to organize and backup the 100’s of gigabytes of ski team video that I have… Still bummed about some of the stuff I lost (skiing log from the last few years and good crash videos to mention just a couple things that other people might care about.)

I’ll be posting an update soon with pictures from the couple shows we did with the Must-Skis and video of some heli’s I tried up there last week.

For those that need a sport or comedy fix, check out the links on the right in the “What I’m Reading” section… They’re mainly random things from around the web that I found entertaining. One guy in the UK is trying to patent a hydrofoil wakeboard… they’ve been towed behind boats for a long time in the form of an Air-Chair or Sky Ski and now he’s trying to patent it just because now they are standing on it. They’ve even taken the Air Chair & Sky Ski and chopped off the chair to surf on the things (Laird Hamilton been doing this for years)… he isn’t doing anything new.

There’s also a post titled Rankings and Other Stuff about the UW game in Vegas this past weekend. Seems they held the world’s largest tailgate party and the Wisconsinites drank a lot of beer. The Vegas Notes post is pretty good too.

The water is still high in Madison, although they did open up Lakes Mendota and Kegonsa to just a 500 foot no wake limit, I feel it is still hard to go out in the middle of the lake, and with good conscious, start making a big fat wake to go surfing with while people are still dealing with high water in the yards. So I’ll still be road-tripping for a while. [Z- I’m looking for a place to jump on Wednesday night. -W] In case you didn’t notice, it rained today for pretty much the whole day. Not helping my cause.

It is late and it time for some shut-eye. Watch for a new post with pictures and video soon.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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