Good News…

From the Dane County Executive…

Lakes Mendota and Kegonsa already back to 200-feet zone

Water levels on Madison’s four major lakes have receded to levels allowing for the return to the normal 200-foot “Slow, No Wake” zone from shorelines with the exception on Squaw Bay on Lake Monona, where the zone remains in effect for the entire surface.

As of sunrise on September 22, the “Slow, No Wake” zone will be 200 feet from shorelines on lakes Waubesa and Monona – with the exception of Squaw Bay in Lake Monona. Due to continuing high water levels in the bay, the “Slow, No Wake” zone will remain in effect from the Winnequah Boat Landing south to the opposite shore.

The zones already had been returned to the normal 200 feet from shorelines on lakes Mendota and Kegonsa earlier this month.

A Slow, No Wake Zone means a boat must move as slowly as possible while still maintaining steering control and produce no wake.

Today’s order comes from the Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk, Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney and Dane County Board Chairman Scott McDonell. All three officials thanked boaters for their compliance with previous orders and noted that they continue to monitor lake levels daily.

The officials on August 28 declared an Emergency Slow, No Wake Zone on the entire surface areas of the four lakes following heavy rainfalls that created flood conditions.

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