Bungee Cord Barefooting

I’ve grown accustomed to barefooting with my handle and line. They aren’t anything crazy special or anything… just a BFI toe hold handle with a spectra line I think. Basically, my line doesn’t stretch, at all. Like a steel cable, but red, without the dangers involved with a steel cable.

Well today, after jumping (pictures/videos coming soon) I took a foot run with the rope in the boat. Made my run no problem, but the rope was like a bungee cord. I cord feel it stretch and shorten up during the start and while footing. Hit some chop, I could feel it stretch and tighten between each wave. Talk about distracting. Never really got comfortable. It felt like the rope was stretching and shortening up probably about 6 inches to a foot throughout the run. This was a very different feel from my normal rope which has no give and now I’m even more glad to have it.

My run ended with me catching a toe, catching air, and then hitting the water, head first at 40 MPH and I didn’t get my hands up to break the water. Now, 11 hours later, the top of my head still hurts from breaking the water.

Visit bfooter.com… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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