Adventures in Beaverland (and Lodi)

So my posting lately hasn’t been as frequent as it has been all summer… my bad. I had a pretty significant computer issue to recover from and there just hasn’t been as much skiing to talk about lately. Not that I haven’t wanted to go or had the time, but the Madison lakes are still pretty much slow now wake (although they have gone to a 500 foot no wake just recently).

So with the Madison lakes shut down for all practical purposes, I’ve had to resort to road trips for my skiing fixes.

The first road trip was a team road trip. The Mad-City Ski Team did a co-show with the Beaverland Must-Skis on August 26th. Both the Division 1 and Division 2 State Champions skiing together. A rare opportunity to see the best ski teams in the state together. Basically it was just a large exhibition show as we put out some pretty large acts. Our big act that night was soooo big, it needed to be in two acts. I skied in a few acts that night and here are some pictures…

Going out to OP

Opening Pyramid… I’m 3rd from the left, bottom row obviously

Conventional Doubles Start… far right

We are skiing into the sun… that’s why my eyes are closed.

The joy of conventional doubles… so much fun… I’m far left in this shot.

The Front Angel – I’m on the Right
I’m looking at the crowd and all the other guys are looking…
I can understand why 7 is looking straight ahead, but everybody else?

The Mad-City Conventional Doubles Intro…
she didn’t know she was getting picked up on to my shoulder…
worked out anyways.

All pictures in this section are from Jim’s Photos.

The following week, really didn’t get much skiing in. No wake in Madison was still going on… Did manage to get out on Memorial Day weekend, Sunday morning in particular. I headed up to Lodi, Wisconsin to do some skiing on Lake Wisconsin in Okee Bay. I met John, Sandy, Paul & Joey up there and we hit the water about 830 or so in the morning. It was a little breezy and we did get scolded by some of the locals for not waiting are turn (we knew them, so no big deal), but we did have some fun… here are the pictures from this nice last day of summer.

I started off the morning with a footing run…

Sandy decided to cut the water up with her slalom ski…
Here she is throwing a nice wall of water up!

I tried to get a good picture of John driving for Sandy…
This is a good one of Sandy skiing… but I kinda missed part of John

This is a good one of John driving, but the cut in the background isn’t as nice.

Joey busted out her swivel ski.

She’s a good swiveler… here she’s doing an overhead 360 or 720.

And the falls can be fun to watch!

John did some footing too!

I did some some surfing…

Paul on the board.

He’s doing a walk around on the board.

Occasionally, even Paul does fall and here is one caught on film.

John took a turn on the surf board…

John on the board…

Need to keep the nose of the board up…

Sky cam view…

John standing tall!

Another face plant at 9 miles per hour…

Our driver Sandy, alone in the front of the boat because everyone else is ballast…

Joey on the surf board…

…wishing she had the rope.

Joey and Paul

The Whole Crew… Paul, Wedge, Joey, Sandy and John

That night, John, Sandy, T-Bell and myself were up in Beaver Dam for the Must-Skis last show of the season. We were all hoping to ski, but they were only in need of some more male skiers, so John & I suited up. We mainly played the parts of chick haulers, but that’s why we were there. Sandy and T-Bell did a great job opening the show singing the National Anthem. Sandy does a very good job singing the harmony. Here are some pictures Sandy took during the show for me…

Pretty good size group getting ready for conventional doubles…

And the ropes are tight right NOW!

Front Angel…

The Must-Ski Conventional Intro

John hiding behind his Fat-O’s with Chad behind him

The Ending Pyramid that I was in…
the little girl was a new climber and didn’t make it to the top.

The Other Ending Pyramid

My Ending Pyramid Group

The Ending Pyramid Teams


After our cameo appearances in their show, we all raced back to Madison for the Mad-City End of Year Party at Jugsy’s Mansion. Jugsy is the new term for John and Bugsy. The party went late, we all had fun, and nobody was much use on Monday.

There was still high water in Madison so my boat stayed in the garage. I headed back up to Beaver Dam on the 5th with Paul. We wanted to jump and their jumpers wanted some tips from Paul. Their jumpers didn’t want any tips from me.

Paul went out with one of their newer members whose been working on an inverted trick for a while. Paul gave him some feedback on what to work on with the trick and made a lot of progress that night, but didn’t land the trick. He did make the very next day.

Meanwhile, I hit their ramp. This is the first ramp I’ve gone off that wasn’t a Mad-City ramp. I had heard it was a bit slicker than our ramp so I wanted do a ride over before I try out a heli. Here’s the first time off the ramp…

Next I tried some helis… didn’t make much progress on my helis, but it was fun. Enjoy the crashes…

That was it for the night up in Beaverland. Afterwards we headed to Morrey’s for some pizza and beer and talked shop, ski team shop. Generally had a good time.

I went up there again on the 12th for some more jumping. Tried some more helis, took some more falls… some not so nice. Here’s my first fall of the night… I land backwards.

What I was really working on while trying these it I use to go up the ramp with my hand that was on the braid literally gripping the rope. This can cause the spin to be slow, especially if there is slack between the hand on the braid and the hand on the handle. To correct that, I’ve been working on just holding my hand next to the rope to keep me from spinning so instead of needing to let go of the rope to start my spin, I now just move my hand away from the rope. I was doing good at this part, but I was doing this way too late. So even if I was spinning quicker, I was starting latter again which was negating any increase in my spin speed. I was also working on turning my head to the left to help initiate the spin. I don’t think I was doing this.

So I have a few things to thing about for next time… First, I need to spin sooner. I need to start on the ramp. Next, I need to turn my head to the left to help initiate the spin. Third, I need to pop as I leave the ramp (during my initiation of the spin).

Watching all the heli videos, I can see another thing that is probably contributing to my many falls. As I spin, my hand holding the handle comes away from my body when I get about 2/3rds of the way around. When it comes away, that will slow my spin, much like when you are sitting on a chair and spinning, if your hands are in you spin fast, put them out, you slow down. This same bit of physics is affecting me in my helis… I’d spin good and then my hand would come out and my spin would slow and I get pulled off access resulting in the many falls you’ve hopefully enjoyed watching…

After getting beat up by the ramp, a group of us headed up to a bar called Cocktails… it has a rooster on the sign. We had some drinks, talked, laughed and had a good time. At the end of the night, Ma & Pa Bell figured out they are locked out their vehicle. They have On-Star, but the vehicle account number is covered by a real estate flier. So I ended up driving them home.

I went back up there the next day, not for jumping, but to do some chick hauling. Did some pyramids and conventional doubles and then we hit Cocktails again. Had a lot of fun as they admitted that they are recruiting me hard to ski with them next year… I’m just visiting though, getting my skiing fix in.

To sum everything up… not enough skiing, a trip to Lodi, lots of trips to Beaver Dam, lots of fun skiing and many helicopter falls. Not nearly enough footing either!

For full quality versions of the pictures, you can get them at the links below.

Jim’s PhotosBeaverland Must-Ski Co-Show Album
Mad-City Co-Show
Skiing in Lodi
Skiing with the Must-Skis Again

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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