Chetek Barefoot Boys Try to Match the Ladies

I guess the guys of the Chetke Hydroflites needed to try and match the ladies.  As I posted yesterday, the ladies turned in a very good video for BFC’s show ski challenge.  Great footing, well editted, and just enough of a theme to match the music.

The guys footing video… well its mostly a collection of footing from their shows so there are a lot of barefoot lines which makes for a fair number of crashes. They also have a little dude that foots.  At one point during the video the little dude tries a two ski bomb out, doesn’t quiet make, but holds on trying to do a tumble up.  Watch for the little dude’s footage… it great.

The guys also put together a good sequence of crashes for the end of the video, so be sure to watch it all the way through.  They very likely endured a lot of headaches making those crash videos, the least that we can do is enjoy watching them.

Chetek Guys Barefoot Team

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