Music City River Run Results?

Anyone know what happened down in Nashville this weekend?  Been looking around bet haven’t seen anything yet.  Tried Barefoot Endurance Racing, who announced the event, but didn’t see anything up there and also tried the forums on BFC but came up dry.

If you know the results, drop me a note at wedge [at] or just drop a comment on this post.

Update 10/20 @ 955 pm CDT – Based on the comments below, there were two divisions…

  • Inboard Division – 50 Miles – Won by Team Rum Runners –  Don Simon, Todd Fipps, Doug Roufinauf, and Mark
  • Ski Pros – 100 Miles – Won by Team Top Gun 
There are a few more details in the comments below.  They mention some stories from the race and I’m hoping they send some my way.

Sweet Car

Barefooting and Muscle Cars… both typical need/have big engines and like to go fast.  How about we put them together in the same video?  Better yet, how about we barefoot behind a muscle car?  A classic muscle car?

Yes, that is exactly what KSO does in the most recent addition to his growing video library on his website,

There isn’t a whole lot of barefooting in this video, but the novelty of footing behind a car is worthy of being shared.  Enjoy…

’65 GTO

Time for a Crash Course

For those of you that think that doing these crazy tricks on skis, or your barefeet, or hitting the ramp is easy, just watch this video.  It features skiers from a professional ski show trying out the new stuff in their spare time and this video shows all the crashes these people go through to land that big stunt in the ski show.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

You Don’t Know…

…Any Limits!

Yes, another week, another BFC video of Andre de Villiers doing more crazy stuff next to the boat.  I wonder what their thought process is for dreaming some of this stuff up?

Hmmm, how can we get more air we jump out of the boat at 40+ MPH?  Trampoline… let’s give it a whirl.  Have someone throw us out of the boat… sounds like fun.  

We already doing some slick slides at the end of our runs, what can we do to have more fun on those?  How about after we start sliding, we stand up and try to foot again, or maybe just try to jump… that might work.

And then we try some other crazy stuff.

Time for you to check out their new video…

You Don’t Know

Spread Eagle Night Shows

One thing you just don’t see very much is water skiing at night.  It’s just not allowed in most places.   Tommy Bartlett’s in the Dells would do night ski shows, but in the heart of summer, it just doesn’t get very dark until very late, so it usally wasn’t done in the full dark very often.

Once in a while the local ski teams around the state of Wisconsin get permission from the local authorities and put on a night show.  It’s usually a pretty big deal.
The Badwater Ski-Ters put on a night show this past year.  They are based way up north in Spread Eagle, WI (yes, it’s a real place) and ski on the Menominee River.  

Night show are something you don’t get to see very often, but luckily, they put together a little highlight video of their show.  Take 10 minutes and check it out.
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Dam to Dam 2008

The Austin Barefoot Club is once again holding the big race.  Located in Austin, Texas, this is the endurance race to compete in.  It’ll take place the weekend of November 8th and 9th.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of endurance racing, combine aspects of the following sports in your in head…

  • Top Fuel Drag Racing
  • Relay Racing (from Track and Field)
  • and Barefooting


  • NASCAR… because there are a lot of people on the water at once
  • Top Fuel Drag Racing… because everyone goes from 0 to full speed damn near instantly
  • Relay Racing… because its a team sport, everyone does their part, and the handle is the baton
  • Barefooting… because that’s how you’ll go from the start line to the finish line

The tag line on the flyer is “Bring Your Heart and Bare Your Soles!” and I think it is very fitting.

Here are a couple videos I found showing the experience…

Barefoot Central Promo Video for their
now defunct “Barefoot Waterski Racing Cup Series”
This video does a good job of showing the experience


This focuses on the the Dam to Dam Race.
Top Gun – Dam2Dam

Anyways, definately something fun to participate in.  Want some more details or sign up?  Here are the links you need:
Also, if anyone wants to report back what happens at the Dam to Dam Race in 2008, drop a note here so I can contact you.

Back Barefooting Instruction from Lane “Dawg” Bowers

I recently wrote about how to make your back deeps much harder.  Now I’ve come across somethig that maybe just make your back deeps a little easier or maybe help your driving for people that learn back deeps.

As many of you know, I scour the web, looking for good barefooting information.  Well, I came across Lane “Dawg” Bower’s site a while back.  I’ve looked through it a little before and found something that I wanted to share with you.

Lane has a page up with how he instructs people on back deeps.  Here’s the link.  He’s got a lot of info on the page, including a couple video of him going through the information.  

He goes through some very good basic information for both the footer and the driver including:

  • Proper boom height
  • Boat speeds for various portions of the start
  • Body position for the start
  • Foot position
  • And much more

The best part is he explains it very clearly and concisely.  Here’s the first video…

Be sure to check out the rest of Lane’s instruction on his web site, including the second video with more info.  Once again, here’s the link.

The site isn’t the best to get around, but if you dig, there’s some good stuff there.  He’s got an email list you subscribe to for fairly regular informative updates.  Some of the emails I find a bit un-informing, but there are some good ones in there too.  You just need to find the useful info.


Making Back Deeps a Bit More Difficult

Many people would say that a back deep is difficult.  Granted, there are some really good footers that make them look really easy, but to the untrained eye, doing anything on the water without skis is difficult.  Hell, a lot of people think skiing is difficult.

But I digress.  The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts, the same people that first publized the Back Breaker, have something new to show the world.  OK, maybe it’s not new, but they did make a pretty standard trick a hell of lot more complicated.

Here’s the trick… have somebody do a back deep and have them carrying someone piggy back.

Without further commentary, here’s the video.

Back Barefoot Piggy Back

Not sure on the practicallity of this trick, but it’s looks cool.  Props to the Thorson’s for making it look easy.

Mad-City 2008 State Highlight Clip is Online!

I’ve just posted Mad-City State Highlight Clip online. You have a couple options to view it…

  • First option is to go to the team’s website where there is a state recap online, with a brief recap of the whole weekend, including the video. Here’s the link for that.
  • Next option to start searching YouTube, but that isn’t always easy to find what you want.
  • Third option, is to just stay right here, because I’ve posted the video below.
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