And There Will Be Pain

Jonesy from Toes Up put together a video of some of his barefoot jumping.  I’m not sure if this is jumping prior to Nationals, from Nationals, or after Nationals, but it is a lot of barefoot jumping.

For those of you not familiar, barefoot jumping is the sport of skimming across the water on your barefeet at speeds around 40 to 45 MPH.  Then you hit a ramp about 18 inches high and attempt to go as far as possible in the air and barefoot away.  When done right, it looks really cool.  When done wrong, it makes for great crashes that all look painful.  Both of these, the done right and the done wrong, are great fun to watch.

I’m thinking Jonesy was probably walking around like an old man after this experience and some people game him some grief.  Instead of trying to explain, he made a video to explain his situation.  Enjoy.

Why My Body Hurts

Just a a warning.  The video is pretty large so I’m not sure how well the embed player will work.  I’ve put a link to the video underneath it that you can easily use to save it and then play it on your own computer.

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