US & Canadian Nationals Results

Whie looking at BFC I saw that they had posted an article about the Canadian Barefoot Nationals that took place August 21st to 24th.  The article was well done and highlighted the notably portiions of the event, including the 15 foot flyer done by the 65 year young Ross Holden.  For the full results, I’ve tracked down the posted results from the Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Website (that name just doesn’t roll of the tongue.)

It got me thinking that I haven’t heard anything about the US Nationals that took place August 12th to 16th. I scoured the BFC website looking for details and came up empty.  I then began looking across the inter web and found the results on the American Barefoot Club’s site.  Not a whole lot of details about how things went, but they have all the results.  Here’s the link for the recap.  I’ve also opted to include the article below, because I wasn’t able to find a direct link to it and it may eventually disappear.
Lake Elmo Sports Barefoot National Championships Begin

The US Barefoot National Championship began Wednesday August 13th at the “Blue Moo.”  This beautiful site is found just outside of Black River Falls, Wisconsin , Wisconsin and being donated to the event by the Blake Heller Family.   The Final Overall Results features skier from the very youngest to the very senior such as Jim Boyette and John McDonald. For the individual events use the following links:

Tradition at this event, has every skier randomly assigned to a barefoot teams.  There will be either 9 or 10 skiers on each team.  The teams are then auctioned off with have of the money being paid out in prize money and the other half will support the US Barefoot Teams attending the World Championships in January.  Scoring for the team is the similar to the World Championships.  Each team member’s overall score (from each event) is used in the scoring.  The top 5 scores from each event are included in the overall for each team.  This is a lot of fun because a Junior skier can be just as (or more) important than the World Champion Keith StOnge.

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