The Water is Still Damn Cold

Another nice day in April in Wisconsin, another cold day on the water. I made the second trip of the year to the lake and took my second set of the year and the water is still cold. It has warmed from two weeks ago when it was 37 and now it is a toasty 42 degrees, which still isn’t all that warm. Add in the fact that the air temp was maybe 60, it just isn’t that warm. But it is still fun to get out there and do a little footin’.

The conditions today weren’t the greatest, there was a pretty strong south wind which pretty much manages to turn most of the lake to crap for footin’, but we did find a couple of somewhat calm areas. Now if we could get the fishermen to stop driving around it would be better. We found a calm spot and still had to deal with random rollers.

Personally, I can’t wait until the air and water are warm enough to allow me to take those nice early morning runs when the lake is both calm and vacant. We’re suppose to have a nice warm week, so hopefully that’ll get the water just a bit warmer. Right now, 50 would be nice.

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Man vs. Bird – Day 3

Well, the bird was back this morning. It is a single robin that is the source of my frustrations now. Today, I awoke to the sound of a bird flying into a window, repeatedly, once again. Turning the lights on worked a little bit yesterday, but I don’t think it is the ultimate solution. It was still crapping all over my deck.

So today I went in to ask some of the local experts at a store that sells lots of stuff related to birds. The old guy I talked to pretty much suggested what I had read yesterday, and they had some falcon silhouette decals to put on my windows, so I purchased them and have placed them on the two sliding doors. I managed to hose off most of the bird crap, but there is still some more out there that I need to hose off tomorrow.

As I’ve looked out on the deck this evening, the robin is still there, but now it is sitting over in the corner of the deck and isn’t flying into the window. It seems to be looking at the decals. I have seen it fluttering a little bit in front of the window, but so far it hasn’t attacked it.

Hopefully these decals work.

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The Bird… Again…

So I’m home early enough that their is daylight again, and pretty much since I’ve been home, a bird has been flying into my window, almost looking like it is attacking another bird, except it’s my window. This has been going on for a solid hour now, and needless to say, it is has become annoying.

So I opened up google and typed in “birds flying into windows” and learned a wealth of information. Some of which I already knew. I knew they see reflections and either see a reflection of the sky and try to keep flying or see a reflection of another bird and try to attack it. What I didn’t know is that to help prevent this the sites listed a few different solutions. One, leave your windows dirty. This obviously isn’t working. I haven’t washed the windows in a long time. Two, hang stuff outside the window. Since this is a sliding door it wouldn’t be very practical. I’d like to be able to go in and out and not run into stuff. Three, turn on a light inside to make the inside brighter than the outside and help reduce the reflection. These is easy enough to do, and seems to be working because since I turned on the light, the bird hasn’t been attacking the window. I guess I’ll be leaving a light on for the next few weeks because the fourth thing I learned is this is most common only in the spring (which is now) and fall.

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Blind Bird?

A couple days ago I noticed that it looked like birds had been flying into the doors based on the crap that’s on them.

So while I was cooking dinner tonight, I kept hearing a sound like something was running into the windows. So finally, I’m just kind of looking out onto my deck (there was still daylight out there, which is also a nice change), seeing that there is all kinds of bird crap that I’ll need to hose off this weekend (if I’m lucky, the rain will do that tonight), and then see a bird that just keeps flying into my sliding glass door.

It would just kind of hover in front of the window and then fly into it. Hover and then fly into it. It did this for about 10 minutes. The kicker is, it just wasn’t the one sliding door it kept flying into. I have two doors that go out onto my deck, one on one side of the room and one on another side, and it was flying into both of them. Between these repeated attempts at futility, I saw the bird sitting on the corner of the table on my deck, and now have a really good idea about why there is all kind of crap right there. This bird must have been doing this for a long time.

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The Meltdown

So tonight I went and watched Ice Age: The Meltdown. When the first one came out, I loved it. Between the little squirrel like creature that was absolutely hilarious, to the beautiful animation that is reminiscent of classic Looney Tunes in look, to the general enjoyment of just watching a fun movie, it was great entertainment.

The second one had a tough legacy to full fill and it pulled it off nicely. The squirrel like creature has a bit of a bigger role in this one and I could have just watched the 15-20 minutes that feature him and his quest to get his acorn and would have been happy with the movie. But there is the rest of the story too, and it is just as fun to watch.

I won’t go into too many details, but the general plot of the movie is the ice age that they were fleeing in the first one is now coming to and end, and the valley they’ve made their home isn’t the ideal place for them to be when the glacier melts. There are a few spots where they break out in to song and dance that seem just a little out of place, but they end up working alright and don’t go on too long.

Another thing that I liked a lot about this movie, and the original, is that they make up jokes that stand on their own. In the Shrek movies, although they are also alright movies, I just felt they relied too much on parody and very simplistic jokes. The jokes in the Ice Age movies, although not completely original, stand on their own accord. You don’t need to have seen other movies to get the references or know another story to get the allusion. You can just watch and enjoy the movie.

All and all, a very enjoyable movie that for some reason, just reminds me of the Looney Tunes of old. And that is one of the highest complements I can pay a cartoon.

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On Friday after work I caught the movie Slither at the theatre. Now since it was a horror movie I really don’t expect much. I usually go to see just how bad they are, hoping that they hit that sweet spot of badness where it is bad enough that it becomes funny. Unfortunately, this movie was worse than that, it missed the sweet spot, and was just outright bad.

First off, the movie starts off at a snails pace setting up the story. I think even the producers or editors realized this because 45 minutes into the movie, they went the little “3 Days Later” title on the screen and then the stuff started that was at least mildly entertaining.

Now the movie is not without merits, but they’re aren’t many. I guess if you’re determined to see the movie, you might as well show up about 40 minutes late. Yea, you’ll miss nearly half of the movie, but in reality, you won’t have missed much. The few portions that are entertaining occur in the 2nd half. I’d have a hard time recommend this movie to anyone, and would likely say just wait for it on TV, and when it does come on, skip the first half of it.

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