Man vs. Bird – Day 3

Well, the bird was back this morning. It is a single robin that is the source of my frustrations now. Today, I awoke to the sound of a bird flying into a window, repeatedly, once again. Turning the lights on worked a little bit yesterday, but I don’t think it is the ultimate solution. It was still crapping all over my deck.

So today I went in to ask some of the local experts at a store that sells lots of stuff related to birds. The old guy I talked to pretty much suggested what I had read yesterday, and they had some falcon silhouette decals to put on my windows, so I purchased them and have placed them on the two sliding doors. I managed to hose off most of the bird crap, but there is still some more out there that I need to hose off tomorrow.

As I’ve looked out on the deck this evening, the robin is still there, but now it is sitting over in the corner of the deck and isn’t flying into the window. It seems to be looking at the decals. I have seen it fluttering a little bit in front of the window, but so far it hasn’t attacked it.

Hopefully these decals work.

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