The Bird… Again…

So I’m home early enough that their is daylight again, and pretty much since I’ve been home, a bird has been flying into my window, almost looking like it is attacking another bird, except it’s my window. This has been going on for a solid hour now, and needless to say, it is has become annoying.

So I opened up google and typed in “birds flying into windows” and learned a wealth of information. Some of which I already knew. I knew they see reflections and either see a reflection of the sky and try to keep flying or see a reflection of another bird and try to attack it. What I didn’t know is that to help prevent this the sites listed a few different solutions. One, leave your windows dirty. This obviously isn’t working. I haven’t washed the windows in a long time. Two, hang stuff outside the window. Since this is a sliding door it wouldn’t be very practical. I’d like to be able to go in and out and not run into stuff. Three, turn on a light inside to make the inside brighter than the outside and help reduce the reflection. These is easy enough to do, and seems to be working because since I turned on the light, the bird hasn’t been attacking the window. I guess I’ll be leaving a light on for the next few weeks because the fourth thing I learned is this is most common only in the spring (which is now) and fall.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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