The Water is Still Damn Cold

Another nice day in April in Wisconsin, another cold day on the water. I made the second trip of the year to the lake and took my second set of the year and the water is still cold. It has warmed from two weeks ago when it was 37 and now it is a toasty 42 degrees, which still isn’t all that warm. Add in the fact that the air temp was maybe 60, it just isn’t that warm. But it is still fun to get out there and do a little footin’.

The conditions today weren’t the greatest, there was a pretty strong south wind which pretty much manages to turn most of the lake to crap for footin’, but we did find a couple of somewhat calm areas. Now if we could get the fishermen to stop driving around it would be better. We found a calm spot and still had to deal with random rollers.

Personally, I can’t wait until the air and water are warm enough to allow me to take those nice early morning runs when the lake is both calm and vacant. We’re suppose to have a nice warm week, so hopefully that’ll get the water just a bit warmer. Right now, 50 would be nice.

Visit… More pictures, more videos, more water skiing stuff.

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