On Friday after work I caught the movie Slither at the theatre. Now since it was a horror movie I really don’t expect much. I usually go to see just how bad they are, hoping that they hit that sweet spot of badness where it is bad enough that it becomes funny. Unfortunately, this movie was worse than that, it missed the sweet spot, and was just outright bad.

First off, the movie starts off at a snails pace setting up the story. I think even the producers or editors realized this because 45 minutes into the movie, they went the little “3 Days Later” title on the screen and then the stuff started that was at least mildly entertaining.

Now the movie is not without merits, but they’re aren’t many. I guess if you’re determined to see the movie, you might as well show up about 40 minutes late. Yea, you’ll miss nearly half of the movie, but in reality, you won’t have missed much. The few portions that are entertaining occur in the 2nd half. I’d have a hard time recommend this movie to anyone, and would likely say just wait for it on TV, and when it does come on, skip the first half of it.

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