She’s a Believer…

…and all of us over the age of 12 are now officially depressed.   Who are we talking about and why?  We are talking of one Georgia Groen, age 12, of the New Zealand Barefoot Team.  At the wee age of 12, she’s already competing internationally.  She just took part in Junior Worlds and her trick run was good enough to place 6th in tricks.  She was also just named the BFC Footer of the Month for February 2009

Now you might be wondering why that makes us over the age of 12 depressed?  Well, just take a look at the BFC video that they released showing her barefoot tricks.  She’s already jumping out of boats and doing side slides.   Enough with build up now and on to the video…

You can find the video on Barefoot Central’s video page here.  It’s called “I’m a Believer”.


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